Delighted to read success stories

I’m new here and delighted to read some of these success stories.

I’ve been diagnosed with both MS and MAV (and ‘normal’ migraines as well) and am trying to figure out which part of my symptoms is MAV and which is MS…even the neuro doesn’t know half the time! My brain is a mass of lesions, including one on my cerebellum, which can cause all sorts of dizziness/ataxic symptoms.

So I am slowly starting Verapamil…I am rather scared as I tend to have side effects including seizures on the oddest things (one small codeine tablet resulted in a grand mal seizure, yay). I live just with my 14yo son and a cat, so pretty much feel alone.

But your stories bring a bit of hope, and have lessened my fear a wee bit.

Of course if my symptoms are more the MS side of things than the MAV then the drug won’t work…and I’ll probably sink into a major depression! HA… :shock:

Guess I’d better go post full story on the relevant page…

J in Australia.

Hi Jemma,

Just moved your post to the General Discussion area. Hopefully you’ll soon be able to post your success story in that thread.

Thanks … Scott

Glad to hear it! I’m wrote one of them - the 18th or so. I was totally disabled and housebound and now I’m running around nearly like a normal person. Going on a long road trip for Thanksgiving and then to Hawaii with the family the next week. I make modifications like not thinking we can make the whole road trip in one day (when a normal person would) and getting a non-stop flight to Hawaii and only visiting one island for the week. I figure I can still enjoy sitting on the beach and see the beauty even if I’m not having a great day. I also started working out recently. Balance issues make cardio exercises more difficult, but I’m determined.

Keep fighting, you can and will get better.

Hi Jemma,

Welcome to the forum but of course sorry you have to be here.

I hope we can help you with some of your MAV symptoms - this site has terrific info.

Up until a couple of weeks ago I was a success story (about 90-95% well most of the time) and had been for about a year. I’ve had a set back but I’m confident I’ll get better again. What I’m learning is that with a chronic illness like migraine you can absolutely live your life normally but you just have to not push it. It’s time for me to look into stress management and eliminating stressful events (where possible) from my life. I hope you get some relief. Hang in there!