Depakote anyone?

ok, back again, doctor just started me on depakote for the dizzizness…anyone use this or have any luck??all this reading i still have yet to hear of any long term success…it just seems like we try one med after another…any info would be great!! thanks, meredith

I haven’t tried it, but I know it is used as a migraine med. When I saw Dr. Bucholtz (author of heal your headache) he recommended that among other choices, including Topamax and Nortriptyline, after my trial of Verapamil failed. I subsequently got pregnant so I can’t take anything now. Are you still on the ssri?

yes, but i was too worried about the withdrawl factor, so i am tapering off…i dont like the ssri’s fo r what ever reason, they jhust seem to be hard to get off of…

I understand. Best of luck on the Depakote. Please let us know how it goes.