Depokte my new drug offered

Hi all

I’ve been to see a neuro. here in Brisbane and he has perscribed Depokte (unsure of spelling) 600 mgs which I’ve just started. anyone with any experience of this drug? I’m terrifed of the side effects!

He also did a test on me where I had to march on the spot with my arms extended and eyes closed for 40 seconds. I only made it to 30 seconds before he stopped me as I had moved right across the room and to the left and was about to run into his desk. I thought I was in the same palce. He said although it wasn’t definitive it indicated that I had blaance issues. anyone done this test and know how reliable it is?




Although the main process of testing for MAV is mostly ruling other stuff out such as meniere’s, it is mostly dx’d through looking at family and past personal history of migraines. I did have the exact same little marching test done and although I didn’t drift across the room, I did make a 90 degree turn to my right, and they had to occosasionally move my hands to keep me upright. The neuro I saw pretty mush said the same as yours, that this was just an indicator of balnce problems.

Depakote is what I take. I tried to other meds before this one and I had the fewest side effects with it. For me this was the med whose side effects were less than the symptoms being treated. I had some bad experiences with Topomax and Neurontin, and wasn’t able to take those. I do have to get blood test once every six months to check for liver problems, but I haven’t had any problem with that yet. I may have to quit taking it eventually, but for now, I have most of my life back.

That test is the Fukuda Stepping Test. It really isn’t diagnostic of anything nor particularly useful - but many doctors seem to do it as part of their evaluation.

I was initially a bit fearful of taking Depakote myself, but really it has been around forever and is used for migraine regularly and the side effects are not severe or permanent. I wouldn’t think its side effect profile any worse than say, Topamax. I believe Depakote has only ever caused elevated liver enzymes in children, when it is used for seizures. The blood tests are not done regularly (as Brian said - only every 6 months) like they are with some other older anti-convulsants which can cause much more serious blood problems.

I hope it works out well, I do know plenty who have had a lot of success with Depakote.