Diabetes drug metformin promotes myelin repair in rats


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The side effects are digestive distress that doesn’t get better. That particular drug was the author of much humiliation and suffering for me. Done the rounds with it twice for years on end. Might go again as the benefits to my glucose metabolism are undeniable.

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That doesn’t sound great!

It’s also in today’s FT:



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My neurologist-endocrinologist wants me to start the injectable drug Victoza. Similar thought, similar side effects.

Have you tried alternatives such as Benfotiamine?

Hey Andy!

I haven’t because neuropathy wasn’t an issue the last time I was experimenting with diabetes drugs. It is now, but not yet enough to tackle it separately. I’m not diabetic yet, though I live in that neighborhood with PCOS, hypothyroidism, Insulin resistance, Metabolic Syndrome and now MAV. None of these drugs (whether being used off label to treat PCOS or MAV) will ever get at the heart of the issue because they treat symptoms not causes. But I’m such a hormone/metabolic disaster. I’m working towards quality of life.

Sure, things that help are nice but a cure is what anybody in their right mind is after. Have you also tried inositol due to your PCOS? It will help blood sugar and is supposed to benefit hormone balance.

Been there, done that. Marginal results. Low carb eating and diabetes meds plus maybe a keto supplement are helpful, for a few months. Diminishing returns to none at 6 months. I ran out of the alphabet and have switched my trial notations to Roman numerals! Gene therapy is the only true promise - in 30 years and provided we don’t destroy civilization first. By then I’ll be in my middle 70s or more likely given my obvious trajectory - dead.

PS - thanks. I’m always on the lookout for something I haven’t tried. My husband was hoping we’d have a long, healthy life together.

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