Diagnosis a Problem---IMITREX HELPS?

My symptoms of vertigo have been diagnosed as possibly Meniere’s Disease, possibly migraine related, and possibly Benign Paroxysmal Vertigo.

So far, not one definite diagnosis.

Lately, one dr. said if Imitrex cures the vertigo, it is probably migraine related. Has anyone else been told this?

I would say yes, if Imitrex helps then it’s probably MAV (aside from any placebo effect). However, the converse would not necessarily be the case, that is, if Imitrex doesn’t help, it DOESN’T mean it’s not MAV. It just means that Imitrex doesn’t work for your migraines, but another migraine med might. So it must be worth a try! :)**

Hi Raven,

Triptans, as far as i know, are not useful for MAV, especially when it’s chronic. Steve Rauch also mentions this. However, if your migraines were sporadic and the dizziness came with attacks and nothing in between then perhaps it might work in preventing the episode and the associated dizziness. I haven’t heard of anyone treating MAV successfully with an abortive med.

Best … Scott

Every doc I saw said that abortives (e.g., imitrex) does not work for MAV. It is only used for head pain. For the heck of it, I tried imitrex for my MAV sxs, and it did not work at all. wish it was that easy.