Hi All

I am new to this board, have been posting on a Meniere’s board for the last year as this was thought to be the cause initially.

However, I have just had a diagnosis of MAV from my Neurologist, though he also thinks I may have had acute labyrinthitis a year ago which caused the sudden onset of vertigo and I am now partially compensating so need rehabilitation for this also.

He has prescribed prochloraperazine to treat the migraines as I have Reynauds and so can’t take betablockers and I’m already experiencing a number of unwanted side effects.

Anyway, I just wanted to say hello, the last 12 months have been awful and I’m so glad that I now know it hasn’t all just been in my head (no pun intended). It’s been horrible having symptoms that are invisible to the outside world, I know a lot of people thought i was hamming it up.

Anyway, I have an interview on Tuesday that requires regular air travel, and I was on the verge of pulling out as I didn’t think I could confidently fly by myself so I’m hopeful now that treatment will make this a possibility again!

Wish me luck!!


Hi Jo,

Welcome to the forum. :slight_smile:

I’m always interested in the diagnosis that people receive and why. Do you know why they thought it was MM in the first place and second, what was it that made the neurologist think you had labyrinthitis? Was it the sudden onset or were there other indicators?

Glad you’re on the right track now and can concentrate on getting this managed.

Best … Scott 8)

Initially the GP thought it was Meniere’s as I had tinnitus and had suffered vertigo spells for years, then the first consultant I saw thought it was BPPV and so I spent 3 months doing exercises that just made it worse (and gave me neck strain), the second consultant I saw thought it was tumour or MS and so I had an urgent MRI which thankfully was all clear, third consultant I saw didn’t know what to make of it, he described me as an “interesting case” lol and referred me to the neurologist and requested the balance function tests (still awaiting these). He did say my symptoms seem to mirror meniere’s in a lot of ways, but my hearing is above average and unsteadiness lasts longer than a meniere’s attack.

The neurologist thinks I had labyrinthitis because it came on so suddenly and then has been there for the past 11 months without let up, he says this is because I am now partially compensating. I’m not entirely sure that I did have it, my ears were checked almost straightaway and were fine but who knows, they’re the experts hey :slight_smile:

It’s been a frustrating and debilitating 11 months, who’d have thought losing your balance could so completely affect your whole life. I’m hoping this is the start of things improving, though I really don’t know what path MAV takes

Jo x

I’ve also had vertigo for 11 months (and counting!). Haven’t had a diagnosis yet, but am pretty sure it’s MAV.

Anywho, just wanted you to know that I didn’t think I could fly anywhere over the summer and made plans to go to Turkey but cancelled them. However, I later made plans to go to the Philippines, did end up going and it’s not as bad as you think! Just try not to stress (easier said than done I know) and trust me - you can do it! You will be fine! …Best of luck for your interview. :slight_smile:


Ah thanks, Had my interview today…

Now for the wait