Did your vertigo worsen over time?

I wanted to ask you if your vertigo or dizziness changed over months or years. My vertigo is BPPV-like and I’m afraid that this could change into full blown heavy vertigo attacks for hours or days nonstop.

Mine got better! Now I just get headaches non-stop. I will take them over the dizziness and vertigo. Just an hour ago, my husband asked me to
come see something in the house (we are remodeling) and I fell right over. Lost my balance in the construction. I just sat amongst the wood for awhile thanking God I did not fall on a nail. My husband said, “why are you making such a big deal out of a little fall?”

Last time I fell, I woke up the next morning in the worst vertigo of my life. I pray this does not happen. People that have not lived through this just don’t understand the impact of it on your life. How every move, every weather change, or thing you put in your mouth may be a trigger. It just takes over. I still get so spitting mad at the doctor that told me I was spending too much time thinking about this. And couldn’t I just push through the pain? Huh! :evil:

The bottom line is that EVERYONE with this is a different story. There is no clear cut way that this presents in all people and maybe on the doctors behalf that is why it is so hard to diagnosis.

Best of luck and hang in there.

Mine got better with treatment – but had a few flare ups in between.

Change, yes. Worse? Well, right now yeah, but my patterns tend to shift around every few years. That’s just me. Everyone will have a potentially different course to their illness, dependent on a ton of factors. I started with “BPPV”, then had “recurrent bouts of labyrinthitis” that would last for a few months and then go away, and now I have been chronic for a long time. For all I know, if will just remit some day and go back to periodic. Just because I turned out that way in no way predicts anyone else’s progression. As others have mentioned, it’s very individual.

Better :smiley:

LOV*E that sounds like the adrenaline surge that caused the migraine. This happens to me sometimes. I ran downstairs in the middle of the night and fell over the hoover and smashed my toe once and within half an hour had the migraine aura and a migraine. Same thing when a spider ran down my duvet and frightened the life out of me. These migraines come on quite suddenly.


Mine started like BPPV attacks that came and went for about 15 years. Then it became chronic and became much worse. I started watching my diet and started Topamax and It has improved a lot with treatment.

Thank you everybody for your nice responses. While I don’t have a clear diagnosis yet, I’m already looking for answers and ideas. MAV really is a chameleon, I read a lot of different stories. 2 of my docotors suspected MAV or BPPV (because I didn’t show nystagmus, though I sometimes feel my eyes pulsing to one direction), while 2 other suspected clear BPPV. Next week I’ll visit another ENT and soon another neurologist. I wonder when this doctor-hopping will stop…
I’m happy for you guys who are feeling much better, and sorry for the ones who aren’t yet. :wink:

Shaeridan -

Do you have access to a neurotologist (also called neuro-otologist)? That would kill two birds with one stone potentially, especially if your previous docs feel pretty confident that your problem is in the realm of neurology.