Didn't read the label

Hi guys,

Second day in Toronto at my Mom’s place and no mad fallout like last September. I’m thinking I’ve been spared because last year I went via New York and walked about 10 miles that day. So it was the physical exertion on top of the jet lag that hammered in the nails. I also did not hit this with valium BEFORE the disaster hit. This time I started piling in the valium two days before the flight.

Ironically, it’s this morning that I have a splitting headache and heavy neck pain and I think it’s probably because I didn’t read the damned label on some pre-made bread crumbs that my mother used on some fish we had for dinner last night. After the meal I asked my Mom where the container was for the crumbs just for the hell of it thinking it would say “bread and salt”. So I pull them out of the freezer – an Italian mix – and was horrified when I first glanced at the label and saw that the ingredients list was about an inch deep. Amazing how something as simple as bread crumbs could have 500 ingredients! They may as well have called it “migraine mix” for your fish. It contained 2 phosphates and 3 nitrates and the icing on the cake was MSG.

This morning my mother also has the dreaded head pain and dull feeling over the eyes although very low level. Bye bye bread crumbs. They’re in the bin.


Hey Scott,

I go through the same thing every time I eat at my moms. She uses those Knorr chicken broth squares in her soup. I told her to get the one’s that are MSG free but she never listens to me. It’s so hard explaining to people what we have to avoid. I have finally admitted to myself that caffeine is a big “no no” for me. I feel like I’m the only person in Canada that can’t go to Tim Hortons for a coffee. Oh well.

All the best,

It looks like Hank really has it out for you over at the Meniere’s site

Hey Steve,

Amazing you brought up those stock cubes because just tonight we were out at the local Basics Food store and I was looking at those exact cubes – chicken stock cubes. MSG written right on the label. The only stock I found that was safe was a Campbell’s liquid version in a box – the real deal. I started looking at a few other things on the shelf here and can’t believe how much MSG there is in everything. Even the salad dressing my mother pulled out (ranch) has it in there on top of a few other nasties. MSG is something I never see in the foods on the shelf in Australia. These days for salad dressing I just squeeze fresh lime all over the salad, some olive oil and a bit of salt and I’m done.

Hank has been pretty good about my “ban” over there actually – posting some helpful things for me. It looks like the issue is an IP address thing in Toronto. The moderator over there banned all of Toronto when he banned Nassman a few months ago. A few others all got the same result here in Toronto.


ps. If it makes you feel better, Tim Hortons coffee slaughters me too. Can’t even eat the donuts. :frowning:

Hey Scott,

Funny about the coffee thing, and sorry I didn’t realize you and Hank are cool with each other. I was reading over there that a pt helped you with your headaches. Can you explain exactly what they did cause the topamax and botox did nothing for mine. My rocking seems to be up lately too.


hey scott,
be careful when you come to the states because msg is in everything here too and it is hidden under a rather large variety of names. salad dressings, barbeque sauces, almost every seasoning, and so on. here in the states, if the label says “natural seasoning” that means it’s could have msg in it and they don’t have to specify it.

have a great trip!

I’d say, “Sort of,” Nikki.
I can’t see looking for that flavor as an enhancement in formulating an ice cream, for example. Unfortunately, a sweet product might have malt syrup!