Diet big No-No

What are the biggest no-no on the MAV diet?


I follow the diet recommendations from the ‘Heal Your Headache’ book and found that MSG and aspertame (Sweet & Low) were major triggers for me, along with the 5 C’s, and nitrates in sausages and lunch meats. And they are in EVERYTHING. MSG is in nearly all crisps and packaged foods (Doritos, Pringles, Quavers, pasta mixes, soups, etc.), and aspartame is in nearly all drinks (squashes, Cokes, J20, etc), so I’m really careful when shopping and just drink water when eating out. As a result, I’ve become a much healthier eater! The hardest things to eliminate from the diet were chocolate and caffeine, but now I don’t really miss them much. Decaf tea tastes just as good as regular, though I do limit it to 2 a day. Though as a result of the constant exhaustion, I would kill for a latte some mornings…

im ok if i eat certain foods in MODERATION. that is the key.

if i crave chocolate i will have 1 or 2 bites & toss the rest. yesterday i had a hot dog & almost right away i was dizzy. i guess i was over my threshold of migraine triggers :frowning:

I cant eat anything with artificial sweetner. & i dont use as much salt as i use to.

I ate a singapore laksa (made with red thai curry paste) last night as was really dizzy immediately after - sucks because the dizziness is lingering today too! I’m sure it’ll be gone tomorrow though, food triggers can’t last longer than a day or two. So don’t worry if you make mistakes sometimes!