Have many people here done the diet 100% Did it work? And what the hell did you eat lol. I’m trying to do it but I really find it soooooo difficult. I’m hopeless in the kitchen at the best of times, and with so many restrictions it’s proving almost impossible to stick to. It doesn’t help that I feel deep down that I don’t believe it. I don’t believe foods are triggers for me, but I’ve never given it the 6 month period to find out for sure. What do people actually eat who are doing it??


Four XL egg whites with four cloves of garlic and a bit of lowfat queso fresco, crumbled, sauteed in canola spray.

A few (well, okay, several) of the biscotti I bake last night: WW pastry flour, baking soda, honey, a little skim milk, lotsa powdered ginger, allspice, cardamon, some fennel seed (my doc said seeds are okay as incidental flavoring). Sort of pfefferneuse flavored, albeit without pepper!

Skim milk, water.

Albacore tuna with lots of celery and a little mayo (the lubricant, not the clinic).

A coupla slices to finish off the single crust strawberry pie I baked 2-3 days ago, which my wife didn’t like: fresh hulled strawberries, sugar, a little tapioca for thickening, WW pastry flour, olive oil, a little powdered egg white (and some vodka in the semi-pre-baked crust, but I believe that evaporated before I added the filling).

One slice of last night’s blueberry pie: frozen blueberries, sugar, tapioca, WW pastry flour, olive oil, an egg, a little skim milk (and some vodka in the semi-pre-baked crust, but I believe that evaporated from the bottom crust before I took it out and added the filling and upper crust doncha know, then from the top crust when I returned it to bake itself to bubbly). The milk in the crust was a mistake; should have used more olive oil instead . . . and a little more sugar, too.

A pear.

A few chunks (like chips, but a little bigger) of white chocolate.

It’s 5ish PM, my time, and I expect to eat some fresh green beans and an apple yet today, at the least.

I’d bloody well better swim my mile tomorrow, or as close as I can. Otherwise I’ll gain some weight. My lousy excuse: today I scheduled my hip replacement, for 12/22. Not happy about it, but too much pain and limitation to dick around any longer.

Anyway, I don’t feel as though I suffered much today from the dietary restrictions. Sometimes I do feel like they’re crazy-making; you’re certainly not alone. But I can tell you the diet seems to have made a big diff for me.

When we’re going out with friends, I always try to get hold of the restaurant menu ahead of time, so I can strategize, figure out one or two things on the menu that I should be able to eat. (I’ve been fooled more than once. I need to ask–a stiff upper lip is ugly.)

I find the diet really hard to follow I don’t think the list the dr gives u goes into enough detail, I’m still to this day finding things that I was eating previously that I shouldn’t be. I would just love a list of excatly everything we can’t eat, also I find cooking from fresh so expensive and also due to work I find it irritating to be cooking from fresh because processed foods have MSG’s.
I don’t think food is a trigger except for maybe chocolate and caffeine I find it’s more visual things that trigger mine

Thanks for such a detailed reply, David :slight_smile:

You sound exactly like me, Amy. I don’t believe I have food triggers; I believe mine to be 100% visual, but until I’ve given the diet the full few months that they say it takes I can’t be totally sure I guess :roll: I’m a busy Mum and a hopeless cook - not good for cooking from fresh all the time! And I agree with what you say about finding more and more things you can’t have. MSG is in practically everything in one of its guises!

I’ve been half doing the diet since April, and noticed nothing - in fact I’ve got worse. This backs up my theory that I don’t have food triggers - surely in all that time I would have noticed something, even from just half doing it??

I have been on it for 3 weeks and have also followed my food intolerance testing results, including cutting gluten and beef. Surprisingly several of the severe intolerant foods I have are migraine triggers. I have found my headaches have really improved and the dizziness somewhat. I find that the weather and stress, etc affect the dizziness. It costs more money and I’m no cook, but have found I feel better without all the “junk”. I too have to try and find out a menu prior to eating out as it can be very difficult to find something not on “the list”. Usually ends up being plain chicken breast and a vegetable. It can be hard to watch others eating their yummy food items. The gluten free part has probably been the hardest actually. I miss pizza and chocolate for sure. At least now I don’t have the pounding head all the time:)

I think it is worth a go…just to see if you feel any better.

Foods are definitely a trigger for me. It’s been about four months and I have tried really hard to avoid my known triggers. Pizza, chocolate, red wine, peanut butter (my comfort food…I miss this the most), bananas, oranges. I don’t eat anything out of a can anymore. Mostly fresh foods. I’ve actually lost some much needed weight. And everyone now and then I just have to have a slice of pizza or something forbidden and I crash! Not worth it. My husband shops and cooks for me following my list so I am very lucky. He seems a lot like you David, very creative!

Give the diet a try, it’s hard I know but my headaches and dizziness are definitely lessened. Hope you start to feel better soon. Take care,


I’m so confused :? Can we have biscuits? They’re made with butter aren’t they, and we’re not meant to have dairy. So we can’t have butter? Is that right? Can we not have anything that contains butter?