Different triggers=different symptoms?

Over the past few months I have tried hard to pinpoint my triggers through watching my diet. I find it difficult because when I don’t notice any change it is hard to stay true to it. What I have noticed is that different days I will feel different symptoms. I was wondering if anyone has found that different triggers causes different symptoms. For example maybe MSG will give you a headache, but nitrates may cause your rocking to be more severe. I’m thinking of keeping a food diary, I heard that there is an apt for Blackberry for Migrainers.



You bring up a very curious question. I’ve never really thought much about it. I discovered things that made me feel sickly and I try to avoid them with some slipups here and there, because as you noted, sometimes you can get away with sneaking in trigger foods if your other triggers aren’t stacked too high. You know, I have a pretty good example supporting the idea that some triggers can cause differing symptoms. I usually avoid chocolate because it is a trigger and I find it easier to give up than other things. However, yesterday was my husbands birthday and he LOVES chocolate cake. My daughter baked him a super chocolatey cake and I had a piece during the festivities. The chocolate cake gave me a migraine headache that broke through the Zonegran I take, which eliminated the daily headaches I was having before starting the med. My other triggers generally do not cause me to have head pain, but they trigger my other symptoms. I also had a short bout of vertigo last night after the cake, which is something I haven’t dealt with in a while. Interesting…I’m going to pay more attention from now on.



I have found different reactions from different foods. I have three catagories for food: what I can eat with no problems, foods that will cause “flare-ups,” and food that will trigger dizzyspells.

What I call a flare-up, is where I will feel my symptoms gradually worsen over about a half or to an hour, everything slowly sounds like it is in a very “echoey” tunnel, my head feeks like it is filling up with cotton, the room slowly starts to rock or tilt, and on. When medicated, I can occasionally cheat with these foods as long as I don’t do it often. These are typically natural, unprocessed foods shuch as nuts, unprocessed low aged cheeses, etc. If I eat too much of these foods, it will be several hours before I return to my previous state.

Then there are my trigger foods. They will cause an immediate change in my symptoms from feeling OK one minute, to being curled up on the couch trying to ride things out. I have found that when I eat one of these foods that I can flush my system with A LOT of water and return close to how I felt previously in about a 1/2 hour to an hour. Anything processed, cured and some aged foods fit in this catagory, and I avoid them at almost all costs.