Different types of dizziness - relation to migraine

Hi All,

Here’s a new paper describing different types of vertigo and dizziness people can experience with migraine. They mention “tilt” which I know Emma experiences on a continuous basis. Em, at least this confirms you’re not nuts with this tilt thing going on all the time.



Scott 8)

Thanks, Scott. I have both BPPV and MAV, so I get all sorts of not-so-fun dizziness. It’s always comforting to read that other people experience similar strange sensations (rocking on boat, floor dropping), and that I’m not alone in this (I think that’s why I felt even a little better from the moment I found this board).

Thanks Scott. Excellent article. I feel better now that I know what I have has a name! And a grand one at that - lateropulsion - sort of validates the symptom somehow. I always thought I just couldn’t walk straight! :smiley:


I like that article! :smiley: It describes my dizziness and falling to a tee, escpecially the stepping in a hole part.

Maybe we should all carry bottled of Vodka around with us so people would just think we’re drunk? That would save a lot of explanations…

Kelly, I’ve had the “carry a bottle with me” technique suggested to me several times. I always thought it was a good laugh, but can you just imagine trying to convince a police officer that the bottle you are carrying is not the reason you are stumbling and falling. :lol:

Hi Scott,

Thanks for the info. At least I know its normal to have a tilting sensation with MAV…
Lets talk soon,