Differential diagnosis and confused

Has anyone here gone to a neurologist and ben told they have benign positional vertigo instead of MAV? Every neurologist I see says I have that and I know I have MAV. Phone consult with Dr. Hain on Tuesday of this week… What would be the difference of benign positional vertigo and MAV??? Thanks for your replies!

I was told that, at one point. For one thing, I don’t believe the Headache (of a) Diet would do much to ameliorate BPPV.

Dr. Hain is well regarded but I wouldn’t put much stock in a phone diagnosis. Besides, some people with MAV also have positional vertigo that resembles BPPV in certain ways, but doesn’t really meet the full criteria for BPPV (and there’s no way to be sure of those over the phone).

The hard part about BPPV is that it might not be active when you see the doctor. If it is, really any ENT can diagnose it. It’s pretty hard to mistake it for MAV since it doesn’t cause 24/7 vertigo and motion sensitivity.

One difference between BPPV and MAV is that with BPPV you only have positional problems causing vertigo, and with MAV you have a whole bunch of symptoms that may include positional related vertigo. Another difference is that BPPV is treatable with a couple of different physical therapy exercises, MAV positional symptoms remain the same with the same exercises.

Brian, my MAV is a rather definite dx, but the repositioning exercises can help me a bit.