Difficulty Breathing!

I really need some advice. I can not get a hold of Dr. Hain, and i am really having a hard time. I have been on a few ssri’s for about 2 months( celxa then Lexapro). I quit taking them about 2 weeks ago. I toke topamax about a week after i quit the ssri’s, but just for a couple of days. I have been on Nothing but Xanax for a whole week and I am having problems taking a deep breath. My heart races and I feel like I am going to pass out. It feels like an elephant is sitting on my chest. It has been happening almost 80% of the day. Do anybody know what is happening to me? Is it anxiety? If so maybe the ssri’s were working a little after all. I don’t feel like I am panicking. Maybe it is a chemical imbalance that I have no control over, or something else? Thanks in advance for any advice. I feel so lost.

Hi there, I suffered from this during some of my worst MAV times and got an emergency GP appointment - she said it was a panic attack and anxiety. I couldn’t believe that panic attacks could last so long - the worst one for me lasted all day.However, for your own peace of mind can you get yourself checked out by a doctor - its always worth it even if its just for reassurance that there’s not a problem.
Take care

If I had to guess, I would say it’s anxiety, and you may be having rebound anxiety from getting off the SSRI’s.
I had trouble reaching Dr. Hain via email after my appt, and now just found a local doctor I could see. Did you say you were taking xanax? I think it would be better to get a longer lasting benzo like valium or klonopin and see how that does for you, but you may wnat to pop into a doctors office and just get an EKG to make sure your heart is fine…I had some problems with chest pain while initiating Cymbalta and it went away, but I went to the cardiologist twice to be sure…you never know with this stuff.
Good luck.