Digital cameras

Anyone else have problems with these?
I may as well have taken that $225 and thrown it to the wind. Within 15 minutes of getting it out of the box and playing with it and zooming in and out and trying to look out the viewfinder I was so d*** sick, not vertigo, just extremely carsick. Much more so than usual. Anyone else find they have had a problem with digital cameras? Any suggestions, short of taking a cocktail of valium and antivert before using? I really want to use this camera but not if it makes me feel this sick.

Hi Bookworm,

Yes, I used to have this problem but it went away with time. Maybe I compensated, not sure. I use a digital SLR and looking through the view finder and shooting pics would ramp up the dizziness. Just keep at it and take breaks etc. I’m sure you’ll come good over time. BTW, I was unable to use an ipod for two years. I still can’t lie flat with eyes closed listening to an ipod but no problem standing with eyes open.

Scott 8)

Yup, can’t use them at all right now. I can’t look at anything I hold in my hands, so why a lagging LCD screen would be better I don’t know. :wink:
Kind of sucks, because I enjoy photography. Not that there’s a whole lot to take pictures of until I can get out properly, but still.