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Dinosaur needs help with new phone purchase

I am a true dinosaur, still using my flip phone (not really using, I have it for emergencies, my landline is my main phone). I’ve decided it’s time to get with it and get a smart phone. Any suggestions or helpful advice or things to avoid? I am extremely motion sensitive, I have a terrible time with all the pop up ads and whatever that pop up on my computer and move around, I can’t deal with anything blinking or flashing or moving. If anyone other than me is in control of the mouse I feel very “carsick.” I remember a few years ago there was some kind of new phone that came out that even so called “normal” people were having a problem with because it was making them carsick. i want to make sure I don’t get that kind. Any advice will be appreciated.


cant give much advise, but just found that my iphone can be set in grey tones so that helps with stimulation. In general, i think how annoying is your phone depends on your apps and the notifications settings.


I haven’t tried it, but I’ve heard the new OLED iphones can be set to flicker free mode through a few tricks in the settings. Might be worth trying that at the store.


To jump on other comments I know with the iPhone you can shut off the motion movements and all that too. A lot of “normal” people don’t like the jittering and fancy animations of folders and pages changing in such a way that looks “great to many”. They started the OLED screens in the iPhone X but not all the newest gens have OLED since they consider it a premium screen vs LED. You’ll have to check their website for comparisons of each phone to see which phone comes equipped with what.
I liked the iPhone 8 cause it reminds me of my current iPhone (iPhone 6) and I don’t like the newest iPhones with the notch (personal taste - because of the design). Not related, but Apple is coming out with a newer iPhone next year which should bring back TouchID in addition to the already FaceID (more security and easier accessibility when trying to “log in” to your phone).
They consider the iPhone the ease of phones because it doesn’t have too many options or too many settings to confuse people. “It just works”.
I came from Droid to Apple and I was happy with the switch. Apple has an eco system though which helps, so if you have a MacBook or Mac anything as a computer it’ll link up to the phone and you can text message from your computer.
As a good part from Apple, they do update their software quite frequently, unfortunately, they’ve been having a lot of issues this September with iOS 12 (also happened with the initial release of iOS 11 too), but they patch them very quickly as opposed to Droid which takes their time on putting out updates, but as a not worry comment Apple is past the hiccups for iOS 12 so I’d suggest when you get a phone, if it is an Apple iPhone then to update the software (free updates) so you’re on the latest and greatest. :slight_smile:
I’m not an Apple fanboy by any means, just for ease I enjoy it and know the reason(s) why I chose it.

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