Does anyone have any experience with taking diomox? I saw dr Adkins at duke and it is a drug that she may have me trial after my next visit in eight weeks… Any feedback good or bad is appreciated! :frowning:

I was given Diamox around July 2010 (dose 250 or 500 mg/day) and it had no side-effects at all, but also didn’t work in the slightest.

There are some medical-journal articles discussing Diamox and migraine. The results so far seem uncertain about how effective it is for migraine/MAV, since they’ve had some people report success, and others not. But if it’s worked for some people, it’s probably worth a shot.

That is the first line drug given when a person is diagnosed with high csf.

I took it for 3 days after my last patch, because my pressure went too high for a few days. If gave me a numb lip, like I had been to the dentist. I also peed lot’s… it is a diuretic.

Thanks guys for your reply. Dr Adkins at Duke wants me to try it when I see her for followup in February… Said I was not a candidate for the spinal fluid study so I’m not exactly sure about this drug… Will ask more questions at followup. First I need to get through starting Topamax…wish me luck… I wish you both good health :slight_smile: