Disability and MAV

Please forgive me if this is a duplicate topic but I haven’t found one dedicated to disability benefits and MAV.

Has anyone on here with MAV become totally disabled, unable to work and had to deal with fighting for disability benefits? I would love to hear your story and how it turned out. I’m fighting on 2 fronts. Here in the US we have the Federal benefits through Social Security Disability and I also have a private long-term disability plan through Prudential. I’m fighting both of them right now for benefits.

With Social Security I’ve gone through all of the appeal processes and benefits have been denied. Now I am at the appeal level where I go before a judge and that is scheduled for the end of September.

With Prudential they initially provided benefits for about a year. Then they sent me to see one of “their” doctors who basically said I was faking it and bam…they cut off my benefits. So now I am going though that appeal process since every doctor I have seen has stated clearly that I am totally disabled.

So anyway, if you have been through any of this it would be great to hear about it. Did you win? If so, what was the turning fact?