Disability Documentation

Hi Everyone,

It has been a while since I have posted. Like most of us - it has been a struggle. I must say I have exhausted most of my options with medications and doctors. I have been to the best Neurologists in Chicago and also out to the Mayo Clinic. I am past 14 months and still cannot get my symptoms under management. I have filed for Long Term Disability. Long story - short - I have been denied twice and now will be going for a hearing. I am looking to bring as much supporting documentation to my attorneys as I can. Documentation that would explain what MAV really is - and why it is so difficult to treat - and for some of us - why the symptoms can last so long. I have plenty of letters from my doctors - any other ssuggestions?



I’m in the same boat Mark. I also have meniere’s, but because the testing has been done when I’m not symptomatic, the documentation I have does not show the severity of my case. The only thing my wife and I have come up with is to talk the docs into doing testing AGAIN, except this time spend the week before eating like a normal person, screwing up my sleep schedule, stop taking naps… in general pushing myself into a severe symptomatic state, so that there is no question from the time I walk in the door that there is something wrong with me.