Discourse forum software

Hi All,

We’re thinking of changing the way this forum looks and using a new forum front end called “Discourse” – from a static page that has to be continually refreshed like mvertigo is now to one that updates while you’re on it. Discourse loads more information as you scroll down – sort of like Instagram does. There’s different categories and items appear in a “popular” list. I like how this means no area is really totally segregated like it is now. No doubt it has stronger anti-spam tools as well.

You can see a mock up here.


What do you think?

S 8)

Scott, I recognise English words in your post but I have no idea what they mean. :wink:

Hi Scott whats the reason for changing it? it its not broke don’t fix it :smiley:

i will be honest. Nobody likes change and it will take time to get used to but i don’t like it. Are you trying to take the forum more down the social networking route? I don’t like the look of the Topic Category Participants Posts Likes Views Activity

Participants by picture is pointless most people know each other by name on here. Not many people have there picture. The link you sent as well looks ugly just looks like a list of topics!!

sorry to be negative but i am just trying to be honest. I hope your looking for feedback on the idea. This forum is a BRILLIANT. Please don’t change it drastically!! its works perfectly :smiley:

I appreciate all the hard work and time and effort you put in. Thank you. I would be lost without this forum

Hi Scott,

Working in the IT industry, I am always keen on advancement, but I also am of the opinion that the discourse forum would be a step backwards.
The layout looks a bit ‘all over the place’ and seems like it will be harder to follow and less organised.

I am certainly open to new ideas though and appreciate the time and effort and expense that you put into these forums!

Is there any other layouts you are looking at?


Thanks for the feedback guys. Yeah, maybe it does suck. :lol:

But this looks awesome. It costs $$$ though.


Version 5 looks very professional.

— Begin quote from "scott"

Thanks for the feedback guys. Yeah, maybe it does suck. :lol:

But this looks awesome. It costs $$$ though.


Version 5 looks very professional.

— End quote

that does look pretty awesome… is it a one off fee or pay monthly?

I don’t understand that discourse Scott, i’m not very computer technical! but it looks good and i like change so i would say go for it! :smiley:

Sorry–not a fan of the discourse option. The second (recognizing the $$ issue) is nice.

I cannot speak for the others–I must first say that I am so fond of this site that I would be willing to pay a nominal fee to be a member–no kidding. Nominal being the key–I can’t afford giant monthlies or annuals–but heck I pay something like $25/yr for a Consumer Reports subscription and get WAY more out of this forum. If it came to it–I’d pay.

Have to say from the end user perspective though–I agree with @hillsta–doesn’t feel “broke” to me…

Keep the little smiley guys though–would miss them if you made them go away :cry:

Scott why don’t you have somewhere on the site where members can make voluntary donations. Just an idea.

I appreciate everything you do mate. The site is a life saver. It has great info. I think we should try and get dr s to answer some questions like the other top docs have.

The discourse idea is shit by the way :lol:

I can’t even look at the discourse site long enough to see what it’s about. It’s a visual nightmare. It’s a NO from me!


Scott - do you have a link to an actual ‘working model’ we can look at- maybe we could then make a more informed decision? First look at this one didn’t get a tick - must admit I’m very fond of the old model! Most of the other ‘health’ sites I’ve looked at seem very ‘impersonal’ without the warmth, interaction and expert advice available on mvertigo.

Thanks for the straight feedback – just how I like it. :slight_smile: I’m going to look more into vBulletin. Perhaps if everyone chipped in 5 bucks we could upgrade. I need to see a full working version first.

Some of these newer forums are built around the promotion of “knowledge construction”. In other words, the forum design and set up makes for a great learning experience and encourages people to really soak up ALL of the information available and pass it on.