Disequilibrium Persists After Vertigo

A little over two weeks ago I felt dizzy one evening. I didn’t think much of it and the feeling eventually went away. Just a couple days after that, on Thursday November 10, the dizziness and mild vertigo hit. Knowing nothing about the many different causes of vertigo, I made fast tracks and visited an ENT specialist the day after it happened. Today I was back in there and he confirmed my suspicions. He diagnosed it as MAV. There are many reasons I agree with his diagnosis but I don’t want to get too far off track here.

The worst dizziness/vertigo lasted for about 6 days but ever after that I’ve been very off balance. I’ve also had the vertigo return a couple times. Vertigo for me has been sort of a rocking feeling, nothing real extreme, but very disconcerting anyway.

When I feel the vertigo I found out I can take Advil (ibuprofen) and the vertigo goes away. However, the off balance feeling doesn’t go away. (As a side note, I’ve read on this forum that it’s best to try to get off pain meds since they can also act as triggers; I’m hoping to accomplish that soon.)

Now I’m trying to better understand this. If I feel off balance, do I still have a migraine? Is it possible that it lasted for 13 days or is it more likely that I’ve had several migraines back to back?

I doubt it’s back to back (or belly to belly, worse luck). When I had it bad–and I’ve read the same thing from lots of people–it persisted for many months. When you get the right drug regimen, or find your triggers and have avoided them for a while, it will ease, maybe even fade into the background. Unfortunately, the odds seem to be against it fading away permanently, based on this admittedly biased sample.