Disequilibrium When "Doing Business"

This will seem a bit of a strange question, but I find that one of the places I experience significant sensations of disequilibrium and just generally being “off” is when I am in the restroom sitting down to take care of business. I can sit at my desk with very little symptoms, but for some reason in the bathroom it is way worse. I suppose it could be the lighting and such but I’m wondering if I’m alone in all this.



Does it happen at some toilets or all. If its some, then it cud b the lighting. If its all, then its probably some trigger point that’s being hit whilst u r at it.perhaps u put a lot of pressure. try taking a lot of fluids throughout the day and see if that helps. For me I am actually very relaxed when doing my business and u r the first person u have come across with this problem. Again migraine can do pretty much anything so I am not surprised

Do you think it has to do with there not being a “back” on the toilet, whereas in your desk chair your back is supported?

rockergrl you’re not the first one on the forum to raise this issue! I think it is due to the fact that you are in a very enclosed space with no ‘horizon’ to look at & nothing to hold onto. I found the same thing happened in lifts, opening a cupboard, wardrobe, etc - the horizon suddenly dissapears & I felt i was falling forwards (sometimes i actually did). I avoided visiting the loo whilst out until I thought of carrying a small pack of bright ‘stick to notes’ to stick up so I had something to focus on.

I definitely have this also… I actually put off going to the toilet sometimes for as long as possible because hate the rocking sensations when there.

It definitely varies depending on the type of toilet, how enclosed it is etc…

Did you ever notice the tile work around you? If the tilework is very “loud” or checkerboard–this has a tendency to play havoc with the visual cortex, even in normal people. Plain, monotone tile or linoleum without much pattern on the other hand, not so much. I wonder if you’ve noticed whether or not the issues are the same in all restroom environments or if the decor might have something to do with it.

I have HUGE problems feeling “off” in our office bathroom–it is black and white checkerboard and makes me feel like I’m on a boat the whole time I’m in the room.

Good to know I’m not alone (well, I suppose I’m alone in THERE, but :oops: ).

I think all of these are interesting points – no back to the seat as a perception factor is something I never considered.

I suspect the number one factor is the enclosed space totally lit with flourescent lighting. Being a fairly typical male, I don’t know that I’ve ever even noticed the tile as to whether it is busy or not, but I am going to check it out.

Thanks, all.


Yeah. Think it’s the enclosed loos and then tiles which are repetitive patterns - always rock around!

I do. it is so horrific. maybe because toilet doesn’t have much support

I get this too esp in the works toilet which is small and dimly lit. When i am in the shower though and afterwards i feel better? Maybe the hot water soothes a tense neck/back/head?

I always feel much better after a shower

If I have a hot bath i feel more dizzy afterwards until my face and body cool down. Is that common? x

I always feel shit (haha, sorry… ) on the loo at work. It must be the harsh lighting and criss cross tiles on the floor.

I feel swayey and the floor often literally looks like it’s pulsating and breathing.


Yes, MM, leaves you feeling rather “crappy” and “wiped” out. :smiley:

We can play this game all day! Fits great with my 7-year old maturity level! :lol:


In relation to this post I usually feel a bit better after visiting the toilet, if you know what I mean! I usually feel just as bad whether I’m in an enclosed space or an open on, but I agree with the funky tiling scenario, bathrooms can make you feel worse with that and their lighting