Diuretics for MAV?


I had the same experience. Assuming I had Meniere’s, my GP started me on Antivert and diuretics while I waited to get in to see the ENT. I stopped taking them when they concluded I do not have Meniere’s. After my neurologist diagnosed MAV, I started the migraine diet. One day on a whim because I felt I had been eating too many carbs, I decided to have a low-carb day eating only protein and low-carb vegetables. I felt better, so I continued. Initially, I wasn’t sure why the diet was making my symptoms decrease, but I now suspect it was the diuretic effect of eating low-carb. Whenever, I go off the diet and eat too many carbs, my symptoms get worse. If I take the diuretic, it helps to counterbalance. So, I definitely think there is something to this. I am curious if anyone else has had the same experience with diuretics or eating low carb.


Hi Marci, yes I went into remission on the gluten free diet,
I didn’t realize it had many of the properties of the migraine diet, and at the time I didn’t know what I had was mav.
I also took many vitamins and had regular B12 shots.
There is a vet who uses the gluten free diet to treat epileptic animals, he has a web page and sprouts the wonderful benefits of the gluten free diet, also people are now using it for epilepsy with amazing results.
Which makes sense as it appears to slow down the neurons ect in the brain. Which in turn helps migraines.
Unfortunately my symptoms eventually came back.


That’s my original question.
to your Original Question ,

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Maybe adding an actual diuretic on top of it could help?? That’s my original question. Weather taking an actual diuretic could benefit it. Heard back from Adam. He says yes. I might give it another go. I did well on it with no side-effects and got benefits at the lowest possible dose


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Hi Rich

That’s not quite what I meant.

Acetazolamide is much more than a diuretic, and I dont believe its diuretic effect has anything to do with its use in migraine. It’s an inhibitor of carbonic anhydrase (which Topamax also does I believe) and is used in a few episodic neurological disorders caused by faulty genes for ion pumps.

As for any other diuretics, no I have not heard of it helping, but Acetazolamide yes.