Dizziness and ebay

Ok, so I’ve had enough of this illness and have decided to sell some of my symptoms on ebay.

Obviously I have have hyped it up a bit and provided some spin to make them more attractive.

VERTIGO: Why waste your money on a cruise, when for a knock down price you can have vertigo and feel like you’re on a cruise all the time.

PHOTOPHOBIA: Ever wondered what a vampire feels like? Want to be as cool as the kids in TWILIGHT. Slip your shades on, close your curtains, kick back and enjoy the full ‘I can’t stand the light’ experience with photophobia. Go on, treat yourself you know you want to.

BRAINFOG: Think you need drink and drugs to feel out of it. You’re wrong. Pollute your body with hazardous substances no more! Purchase brainfog and you can feel totally off your face 24/7 simply through the power of your own mind.

This vendor operates a strict no returns policy.

If anyone wants to off load some of their own symptoms, please feel free to chip in with a sales pitch. Maybe we can do a bulk sale.

Hey Hannah -

I think I inadvertently bought this package on eBay. As I frequent shopper there, someone must have dumped their MAV into one of my items. I’ve never sold on eBay, but perhaps I ought to sell a gently used item form my child’s closet and then slip my MAV inside the box. Seems a bit mean though, don’t you think?

Oh if it were that easy!


Rollercoaster, roundabouts, crazy mirrors, all the fun of the funfair, free! Not to mention, dont waste your money on alcohol, feels like 7 rum and cokes most of the time :slight_smile:

Sex, Drugs and Rock and Roll… Well, two out of the three ain’t bad. Rock and Roll: So do you want to rock and roll all day and night, non-stop, continuous rocking? Well then I have just the thing for you! Drugs, why sure… If you buy what I have, any doctor in town will give you a steady lifetime supply of valium, ativan or xanax… all you have to do is ask.

I have a pair with the ass out of them.
If anyone wants to trade.

Why buy street drugs?
Mind altering, life shattering drugs.
Mine are prescribed by real Dr’s.
A have a dresser draw full of those little monsters.

Buy one get one Free
Comes with techno kaleidoscope colours, no batteries needed.
Comes with your own personal strobe light that will not affect your epileptic friends.
Why go out? Do it at home.
Two shonky crunchy Knee joints
Adds additional percussion while krumping in your lounge room.


We’ll throw in a full set of stainless steel chef quality knives, you can use at Christmas,
To throw at your family and friends who say “what? ………It’s only migriane!

jen 8)

Ha this is all great chat - good to see people still have a humour. I used to smoke a bit of dope as uni student & a bit of the other stuff ( not sure I should be saying this but I had great fun!), but it pretty much does feel similair at times. People used to ask me ‘’ How do you feel with dizziness?‘’ - A little drunk and stoned on a boat!