Dizziness/Balance solved... Now this pesky ear/sinus issue!

New member, but have been reading for over a year. Thank you for all your stories, this was a comforting place to find!

My short story: After a year long journey, as of today, my dizziness/balance issue (walking on trampoline feeling) has been effectively solved with a prescription of Sertraline(Zoloft) (50mg), but the accompanying full ear/sinus feeling and sensation (right side only) still persists.

Has anyone had luck getting rid of this sensation, if so what have you done?

An ENT has CT scanned and scoped, and done an MRI of my ear/brain and they all see nothing abnormal. I have read here and elsewhere that this sensation is just another symptom of MAV or VM.

Was hoping to find someone else who solved both the dizziness/balance and an accompanying ear/sinus issue, and hear their advice and journey.

P.S. - If anyone wants the full story of how I got to my current state, I’ll gladly elaborate if it helps.

Thanks again to this site/community, you’ve gotten me this far!


Hi and welcome.

Everybody would love to read your full story and it would put things into context nicely. Might I suggest you open up more fully by completing a Personal Diary which comes complete with a built in pro forma which enables a structured logical approach totally painlessly.

When it comes to your current situation the only comment that I would make without sight of some more detailed history must be to point out that the Sertraline appears to be controlling your dizziness which is great to hear and a huge relief to you for sure. However I wouldn’t say it has actually solved your condition as such. Basically preventatives just mask symptoms, hopefully whilst the condition settles. Whatever is causing your sinusitis type symptoms as described is most likely what also causes your dizziness. I just say this, as another MAVer, hoping it may encourage you to look at your condition from another angle which in due course you may find helpful.

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I’d love to hear your story :slight_smile:

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I think we’d all love to hear your story :laughing:

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Flonase has helped me some. If you have any Eustachian tube dysfunction you can get a full feeling in one side. I get fullness in my right side after eating some meals, especially milk or dairy food.

I’ll definitely find time to write up my entire journey, thanks for encouraging me!

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I have unfortunately tried Flonase for weeks at at a time with no relief. My “fullness” is 24/7 and can be worse some days than others, but it is ALWAYS present.

I have something similar, but it’s not as extreme as ‘fullness’, but I have tinnitus and dulled hearing 24/7 in my left ear. I can increase the tinnitus by clenching my jaw. Does that happen to you? Have you had a hearing test since that began and does it show any reduction? (PS don’t panic if it does, a lot of hearing loss is reversible if you can get at the cause).

Read @mav’s posts through. She started off being told sinuses were her issue, even had an operation., Effexor and Propranolol now seem to have got her condition under control.

Many doctors/medical papers even diagnostic listings will state otherwise but Full ears, I call it my ‘hamster ears’ are a MAV symptom. I was have both with equal amount of pressure but others differ. I feel it as the he same pressure as the rear head pressure which neuro tells me is migrainous.

A blocked nose will cause dizziness and a blocked ear feeling. Just look at a common cold or hayfever. Will exacerbate MAV symptoms greatly. Slightly different feeling. Try a nasal spray and see if it makes a difference.

I can change the pitch and volume of my tinnitus in my right ear by clenching my jaw.

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No change when clenching my jaw, and yes, a hearing test has been performed a couple times, with no loss shown.

Another way I explain it is that my right ear feels like it needs to be “popped” at all times, and I can’t get it to full clear out.

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Thanks, I have read a lot of @Mav’s posts, they’ve been helpful. I plan to focus on the ear/sinus thing next time I talk to my doctor at my next follow up.

I’ve tried the following meds at time with no real relief:

Perhaps it’s time to try them again however, as that was back last year when the balance/diziness was still my main symptom.

Sounds like a lack of pressure equalisation. But yeah, get medical advice.

It sounds similar to what I’ve had. I started off with full blown one sided head pressure for a year. Then after the year point the head pressure dissipated but I still had right ear pressure. The head pressure was so bad for the first year I didn’t even notice the ear pressure problem. It is something I am still battling. When I try to ‘clear my throat’ it is very noticeable that the pressure in my right ear is not correct. Flonase has helped me some but the other thing that has helped me is resistive breathing exercises. I feel like they help by the unique way they put pressure on the ear. I just do the exercises with a simple straw that you would use to put in a drink. I do about 20 to 30 a day. After doing them for 2 weeks I felt they helped me a lot.