Dizziness changing?

Has your dizziness changed over time? Or fluctuates to different types of dizziness?

Mine has changed so much since late pregnancy Im now 10 days Postpartum and its not improving this new dizziness is more debilitating Im actually beginning to worry I have MS or something equally horrible. Its like an extreme ligth headed feeling and it I move my head its spinning. Its just so different to what Im used to my body feels all out of sync and odd and light.

Ive lost huge amounts of weight 2 stone in 9 days since delivery. Im wondering if this new dizziness will go or go back to what Im used to I cant drive with this feeling I have drove the car but can feel every movement and my head spinny whilst driving Ive NEVER had this before. Im waiting to see a neuro now but Im so scared Im stuck with this its awful :frowning:

Also as Im not breastfeeding Im praying this gets better with my first menstrual cycle when hormones are more level as I gather my hormones are all over the place at the moment. Just cant get over how weird my body feels only had this when I first got labs please help anyone x

Hi Donna

I very much doubt it’s MS. Did you ever have a brain scan at the beginning? MS often starts with intermittent tingling and numbness in the limbs and muscle weakness I have heard (my cousin has it). It won’t be a brain tumour either because that usually starts with headaches and seizures (my grandad had it)… So you don’t need to worry about all these sinister conditions although I know just how scary dizziness can be! Mine changes to different types, sometimes it’s more lightheaded, sometimes it’s a pulling feeling and this summer my relapse started with episodes of mini spins and proper vertigo feelings. That is the most scary I think, the vertigo.

In a way you have answered your own question because the most likely thing is pregnancy hormones and sudden weight loss causing it. However definitely go to the neuro and see what they say. Who are you going to see - a local neuro or Dr S ? X

Hi Blondie,

I am so sorry it is so scary for you right now…especially with a new baby and all the emotions.

I just want to add that I have experienced several changes in my dizzyness just in the past month (side to side rocking/then pull to the right/now more of a light headed). I definitely do not have MS (2 MRI’s, 4 neurologists say no).

I do believe it will fade and get much better with time. Please try not to worry about something else going on. It must be awful right now!

Thinking of you,


It sounds like you are experiencing what I get fairly often…I tell people its like having the drunk spins without being drunk. If you move your head just a little it feels like the rest of your body moves a whole lot more??? All of this started for me a few months after I gave birth to my daughter and I"m convinced its tied to hormones.

Hi Donna
Just a quick one, You have just had a stomach virus after having a baby. I can’t imagine what a combination like that would do to my brain. When I had a stomach virus and a temperature I developed some very wierd sensations like I was discoordinated and when I moved my head it felt out of synch with the body, I was terrified but when my temperature returned back to normal it went. The vestibular system does not like any type of illness or stress and especially does not like a high temperature. Hang in there it will get better.
I have actually decided to stay on my meds if I were to start a family LOL! My phychiatrist is writing to my GP about it.

Becks I would not come off the medication if I were you. I was on it all the way through just at the lowest dose and Charlie is fine. If I had my way I would of been on a higher dose all the way through.

How is everyones balance ? mine has always been good but Ive been testing myself marching on spot with eyes shut etc and Im falling all over the place which has never happened before is this a major decomp episode on top? Just want my good days back again.
Also does anyone know can you take ami and pitzo together?

Donna. That is how I test for a major decompensation. I am incredibly dizzy if I close my eyes and march on the spot. I also want to know if u can take pizotifen with amitriptyline. They both effect similar pathways so I am not sure u can x

Mmmm Im going the doctors tomorrow I will get him to ring my neuros secretary to see if they can be taken together. I think what I will do now is up the ami for 2 weeks if no better go on pitzo Ive heard its one of the best.
Ami is an antihistamine and pitzo is an anti-inflammatory I really would like to do both if poss

Just stumbled on this page patient.co.uk/forums/discuss … ifen-14406 of people discussing pitzo and my good friend got well on this too so its def one I want to try

Oh just found this topic so gather they can go together? Oh I hope so but I know weight gain is an issue on this drug http://mvertigo.cloudapp.net/t/another-pizotifen-update/1618

I’m guessing your change in symptoms in hormone related. Even though I’ve had vertigo issues for almost 10 years, it has gotten much worse now that I’m dealing with peri-menopause. I picture your body in total upheaval trying to get back to a normal state. 10 days postpartum is not long at all. I know its hard to be patient when everything feels crazy but give yourself some time.

I hope you are able to enjoy your family!


MAV always fluctuates for me, sometimes bad, sometimes good. Never perfect. Last week was bad, this week has been good

As for MS, to get your mind at ease, do the vision test. I don’t know what you call this test but the doctors basically stick some wires on your skull and make you focus on a TV screen that shows some moving checkered patterns etc. I think its called a VEP OR VEMP but I am not sure. Others on this forum would know.

The result of this test is mostly accurate and comes out at the same time its done so you don’t have to wait. But I doubt that you have MS from what you describe.

I was freaked out initially as well and it took me a long long time to believe that my case was not MS so I can understand how frightened u must be