Dizziness for 5 months... How do I make it stop?

Hi everyone,

I am new to this site (and let me just say I am very thankful for it!!) I have been dizzy for 5 months now, and I am trying to graduate from college this spring. The dizziness could not have come at a worse time as I am trying to finish my senior thesis! I have tried Topamax, nortriptyline, and Verapamil to no avail. Currently, I am on amitriptyline because that has worked in the past, but it doesn’t seem to be working at all. I REALLY don’t want to miss my own graduation, so I am open to suggestions! I have heard that other antidepressants seem to work as well.

Please help!


The only thing that I can suggest is to maintain a regular and healthy sleep cycle, reduce any stress you can, and eat as healthily as possible. Nothing is immediate, and takes some time and constant work. I know, it doesn’t go well with finishing college. Medications work differently for everybody, so there isn’t one magic pill to fix all of us.

I dont know what to say, but I have been like this for most of 13 years!!! The past 6 months have been NON-stop! It seems like I have monthsof non-stop then I will get a break for like a month or so then it will be back non-stop again! SO annoying!!! Go in a wheel chair if you have to, but dont miss out on your day!!!

welcome and sorry you are suffering so much. i’m right there with you. i’ve been sick off and on for 30 years. i hate it when it’s really bad. what about some kind of benzo like valium or something - have you ever tried. i think that’s the only thing that keeps me alive these days and able to work somewhat.

i don’t dare try any more SSRIs because of trying celexa and it made me feel awful. it is amazing to hear stories of folks that do get help but frustrating to hear that some don’t even with meds.


i hope you can make it on your day!!!

Hi Ariana,

Sorry to hear you are having dizziness problems.

My suggestion would be to stick with the ami, but perhaps get the dosage raised? Also, have you tried a beta blocker in the past? I’ve had quite a bit of success using propranolol. I think you can sometimes take more than one drug at once (I take propranolol plus pizotifen, but I don’t think the latter is available in all countries).

I’d also try to be really strict with a routine of getting up and going to bed at the same times every day, and eating regularly, and avoiding the classic migraine food triggers just in case, and see if that helps.

Best of luck to you and hope your thesis goes well.

Thanks so much for all of your support. I forgot to mention that I’ve tried propranolol as well. I just raised my ami up to 30 mg, but it makes me so tired it’s hard to do much. I think the next step would be to try an SSRI/SNRI like lexapro. Any thoughts?

hi there,

if it makes you feel any better, i’ve been dizzy 24/7 too! well, i’ve actually been dizzy here and there for 18 years, but this hit me big time after the birth of my daughter and has been relentless. i first tried propronaol and gave it a fair chance and maybe made me feel 50% better but rocky and knew I wanted to feel better. I also was on Lexapro which I like because it takes the edge off with the anxiety. I’m currently trying Topamax 100mg and going to stick it out to 4 months and taking vitamin supplements such as ginko, vitamin b, magnesium and co q10. i am still rocky everyday and hate it. i also add in 0.5 klonopin which i think helps and take an occasional meclizine which makes me tired but i prevail. i feel like such a druggie!

hang in there, at least you aren’t the only one. good luck with graduation, you can do it!!!

Hi Ariana,

As others have mentioned, we all react differently to meds. I’ll tell you what I would do if I were in your situation. If you are not already, take the amitriptyline in one dose at night about three hours before you want to go to bed. That way you’ll get a good night’s sleep with less daytime drowsiness. Plus, I find the ami actually makes me a little dizzy when it kicks in full force. You can try a benzo as Chris suggested to calm the dizzies; that works for a lot of folks on the forum. However, I prefer and find some relief from vertigo and related nausea from Meclizine, which is basically prescription Dramamine. That should be an easy prescription to get, and it takes the edge off for me. Based on feedback on this forum, it doesn’t work for everyone, but I actually found it to be very useful on my desperation days. It can make you tired when you first try it, but I found it doesn’t make me nearly as tired now as it used to. I only take it on bad vertigo days, which have just started back up for me. I took half a dose today, and it worked wonders.

Another med combo I used two years ago as I was preparing for a trip to Europe with my daughter is Zonegran and Zoloft. The Zonegran helped with my migraine symptoms, and the Zoloft lifted my mood. Both gave me a bit of an energy boost. I went off of them this past fall because of some heart rhythm issues I was having, which I’m not sure was associated with the meds. Zonegran is an anti-seizure drug similar to Topamax but without the “stupamax” side effect, at least for me. I’m sure you know Zoloft is an SSRI.

Hang in there and good luck. I know what you are going through.

Take care,


I’ve slowly worked up to 50mg/day of amitriptyline (over the course of a year or so). I don’t feel sleep much - even with the 5mg of Librium I take each evening (very long acting benzo). If the weather is blustery, I take 10 mg Librium/day to prevent vertigo at work. Anyway, each time I increased the amitrip, I felt better. I won’t go up anymore b/c of dry eyes and mouth. Also on 75/day Effexor. And I’m not 100%, but am highly functional. Very busy job, two little kids, etc.

I need to get ‘highly functional’… I want my busy job back and crazy lifestyle… ‘highly functional’ is the way forward!!!

I’ve just finished 2 weeks of Nortriptyline at 10mg each night - going to go to 15mg on Friday night… havent felt any improvement yet. GP just gave me the mother of a prescription for Valium but when I see my consultant on Friday morning I’m going to ask for Klonopin - if I can keep STILL I will be HAPPY!!!

Right now I just want to cut my sodding head off :shock: