Dizziness Since 11/10-MAV?

Hello all, I am new to the board but thought I’d share my story. I do NOT have any migraines, and I’ve never had one. However, I have had a “swaying” feeling pretty constantly since about November of 2010. I have only had two episodes of spinning vertigo, once in November (which was the precursor to this “swaying” thing), and again last week. I’ve summarized my doctor’s visits and the results so far. I have an ENT appointment tomorrow as well.

Furthermore, I have learned that my aunt and grandma suffer from migraines. My mom does not.

Ryan’s Doctor History
Brain Surgery: Benign brain tumor removed from my brain stem (non-malignant epidermoid cyst)

Thanksgiving day: After two cups of coffee during night time, I had an intense spinning sensation, followed by vomiting, flush face, and nausea. This lasted all night, and in the morning I felt fine. I am not caffeine-sensitive, and don’t believe this was attributable to the caffeine.
**Thanksgiving day – Christmas break: **General feeling of dizziness (constant) but slight Panic attack: worried my brain tumor was back.
**~December 14th: **Sinus infection? Feeling of fullness in the ears, still constant dizziness. No fever/aches/any other symptoms of a cold.
**~December 21st: **Visit to Primary Doctor: Prescribed sinus medicines and was told it was an inner ear virus or sinus infection. Sinus medicines did not help (OTC Sudafed and Claritin I believe)
**Late December: [ENT] Myron B. Jones: **Dr. Jones looked in my ears, did not perform any tests. Listened to my symptoms and immediately said that it was NOT an ear problem, since I was not experiencing “spinning” dizziness constantly, and I could still balance correctly. Told me to get blood work done, because he believed it was NOT an ear-related problem.
**Late December: **Primary doctor: Blood work, results came back normal. Referred to a Neurologist

First week of January: [Neurologist]: Did not think it was a brain tumor. Did another balance test, neurological exam, and BPPV test (laying on a table and moving my head to different positions). Attributed it to allergies and prescribed Alegra. (Alegra made symptoms 2x worse)
**February: **MRI of Brain (with and without contrast): No abnormalities/Everything normal
**5/13/2011: **Attack of spinning dizziness after successfully popping left ear. Panic attack followed as dizziness increased. Took .25mg of Xanax, which calmed me down enough to go to sleep.
**5/16/2011: **Chiropractor Appointment: X-rays of neck taken/returning tomorrow for results

My Symptoms
Constant dizziness: Constant swaying feeling in my body, when I stand it feels like I am rocking back and forth, or side-to-side. Usually not a “spinning” dizziness, but have had episodes of the spins. Less noticeable when I am doing physical activities. Ears do not feel constantly clogged, but they are not completely clear, either. Hearing not affected, as I can tell. No headaches, although my aunt suffers from migraines. Possible migraine-associated-vertigo, without headaches? I do not have any motion sickness, although I am scared to get on a boat. I do not think the dizziness started on Thanksgiving, but I do think it became noticeable. I have had a general “off” feeling like this before, but never as severe. I am constantly aware of it, and anxiety/stress DEFINITELY makes it worse (although I am positive it’s not the cause, because I’ve felt it while not thinking/worrying about it at all). I do not have any major stressors in my day-to-day life. Could be a pinched nerve in my neck? I have NOT had any scans of my sinuses or neck.

Thank you all for reading my story, and I am open to any and all suggestions and comments! I want this to be OVER! Does this sound like MAV?

Hi Koko,
Sorry to hear you have been suffering for a few months now. How did your ENT appointment go today?
I can’t really answer your question about whether you have MAV, as I’m not a doctor and your consultant will be best to consider that. Although I would say that your story strikes me as being one of those cases where nothing really stands out, and your symptoms could be several conditions. I hope your ENT has come up with some answers for you? I can imagine how frightening it must have been for you, with your past history of a brain tumour. I am so glad your MRI scan was fine, that is good news.

Well the ENT went well today. I had an audio test, and everything came out normal. I also had some air pressure put into both ears, to check that the eardrums were fine and there wasn’t an excess of fluids. Everything came out normal. The doctor ordered a VNG test for next Tuesday to see if this is a central or ear-related problem. I also had a chiropractor appointment today; he thinks it’s a pinched nerve in my neck. He wants to do 5 sessions and then reevaluate my condition. I had the first adjustment today, and haven’t really noticed much difference, although I’ve been overly thinking it and keep thinking I’m possibly more dizzy than before. But I think that’s just me overthinking the Chiropractor appointment.

I would think that migraine is at the base of this. I had never had a migraine, still haven’t, but got this stuff 2 1/2 years ago…it is constant. I finally got it under control in December of this past year. I have no family historyi of migraines, and it was hard for me to believe. But I always had motion intolerance of spinning rides at amusement parks, nausea on boats, and had 2 vertigo attacks that lasted only a few hours and were helped by meclazine (Bonine OTC)…my doctor thought it was ear related, but I ended up having every known test, and they came at normal. I had to resort to meds as I got really bad anxiety and depression over time dealing with this. I am a woman in my 40’s, so I think my hormones did something to trigger it…or it could have been brought on by stress…it’s a mystery…
Good luck!

I am so glad that someone else knows what I am going though! May I ask a little more about your condition, and how you got it under control? What medicines are you taking? And was it attributed to Migraine Associated Vertigo??? That’d be amazing…if this was my diagnosis and I could start taking medicine to help. It was just brought on at age 22 for me…I am 23 now. I have no idea what could have “triggered” this.