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I went to some websites to see what could i have and i didnt find anything, so i decided to register and ask in this website. Yesterday, i got in a trip with school and we went in a very ancient building. The floor produced high vibration at every step of someone, and that made me fell dizzy. every single step of someone made my dizzy, and this is not the first time i get this. Can somebody explain me this?


Sorry for the bad english, im not english


Welcome to the board Giovanni and sorry you are not feeling comfortable. We can’t diagnose you here, only professionals can, so suggest you do visit a doctor with a balance specialism at some point if you are concerned. Being irritated by movement and environmental vibrations is a common symptom with vestibular complaints though.

Thanks for typing in English.


Welcome to MVertigo, Giovanni.

I agree with Turnitaround that you should see a doctor.

You might want to think about what was happening when you had the other dizzy spells. It’s not always easy to know but, if you do, it might help to tell the doctor that sort of thing or anything else that you recall.


Giovanni, I have felt that very thing. Once, my husband and I were walking in a park that had a foot bridge over a small creek… the vibrations of others on the bridge made me very woozy.
A month or so ago, we were on a friends back porch at a family gathering and I had to step off the porch onto the grass since the porch reverberated from the others walking on it and again, made me very woozy. This was only a month ago and I am well managed by Amitriptyline, so was surprised that it affected me so badly.
Tell us about yourself! Do you have a Vestibular diagnosis? Have you any other dizzy spells or is this the first?
Welcome to Mvertigo! You will find an incredible amount of useful information and support here.
Agree with @Heliotrope and @turnitaround… Please do get to a Vestibular specialist if you haven’t already.