Dizzy and confused

Have been suffering constant headaches the last 12 months and dizziness as long as i remember. Two days ago I woke up with no headache an was looking forward to a good day. Just started work and got a vertigo attack which did not know what is was at the time. Was brought to A an E and could not get out of bed for 6 hours afterwards. Had CT scan which was clear. Treated me for vertigo which eased the symptoms. Stayed in overnight and was sent home with bethastine hydrochloride tablets. I am now waiting to see a neurologist and to have an MRI scan. Still have the dizziness with a severe headache(age 35). Often have slight ringing in the ears. Would like to know is it vertigo and what’s the longterm prognosis. Can’t stick it any longer.

Hi Corky

Sorry to hear you’re suffering but hopefully you’ll get some help from this forum in deciding what to do, who to see and what q’s to ask.

Sounds like at the moment they’re thinking Meniere’s as that’s what betahistine is prescribed for. This may be correct but obviously, since you’ve come to this board and obviously have headaches you’re wondering if it’s MAV. Betahistine won’t do any harm if it’s not Meniere’s so you may as well continue taking it.

Once you have a confirmed MAV diagnosis, or rather, once other things have been ruled out, you can then start getting the right medication and/or lifestyle and diet changes. You don’t say if migraine’s been mentioned to you as a possible cause. Have a look at the ‘my story’ section of this forum to get an idea of people’s quests which ultimately led to a MAV diagnosis, and see if any of them ring true for you.

Good luck

Dizzy Izzy