Dizzy / drunk feeling

My drunk (dizzy) feeling is worse when i leave the my house. I think its because there is more going on and more to see and deal with. My brain cant handle it. Supermarkets are bad for me as well

Anyone else better when they sre inside there homes

Yes. I think that feeling is very common with a vestibular disorder. The more that is going on, the more overwhelmed the brain is by the all the information. As Dr S said, things that were once automatic for the brain and its ability to deal with lots of things at once now take a lot more effort and energy - he used the analogy that the car has gone from automatic to manual drive.

Have you been on the VEDA website? The link is useful:

vestibular.org/living-vestibular … challenges

This has been my life the last three years. Going outside makes everything feel more surreal.

exactly what I am like mate… the more stuff going on the more drunk I feel, although I never actually fall…

I find it very difficult standing still and talking to another person who is also standing opposite me. I feel the drunk feeling quite intensely then

When i feel bad and someone it talking me I can’t concentrate on what they are saying. It just goes in one ear and out the other!! i have trouble concentrating and focusing!

Yes talking to people is really hard with this. You are so busy thinking about how you feel that you can’t concentrate on what they say. When I was really bad and still working I used to dread people coming into my office because even just them being in the room made me feel worse and it was worse again if they wanted to speak to me about something. Meetings were a nightmare and I just could not join in at all. Then you end up with all this stuff going round inside your own head and it makes you feel very isolated because you can’t be the person you want to be!

I get this too, I’m more off balance when I’m walking by my vision is worse when I stop to talk to someone and have to focus on their face for a few minutes. I’m better when moving my eyes around rather than stopping to look at one point if this makes sense.