Dizzy when standing

I was wondering for those with constant dizziness if they suffered only when standing , sitting , laying -down or all the above? Is it 24/7 or sporadic? The Ent I saw suggested I might have some issues with orthostatic hypotension as well. Do any of you have problems with O.H?

I have had on/off issues with becoming dizzy upon standing (and sometimes when I get too hot, locking my knees, seeing blood, not eating to name a few) since I was 5 & am now 26. I was just now, in November, diagnosed with Orthostatic Hypotension and then with POTS- although my opinion is that it’s only orthostatic hypotension not POTS. I’m not taking any medication for it because it hasn’t been that bad for me. I know if my vision starts to fade to red or black, I better sit or lie down or I will faint. Other than that, it’s completely manageable. I had a tilt test for it (which led to my diagnosis), however, I didn’t faint. The cardiologist said they could’ve kept going with the test & I would’ve fainted- I was begging them to let me sit down because I felt like I could faint but didn’t.

There have been a few people on the forum that have looked to OH or POTS along with MAV… possible the 2 are related?