Do any of us ever get 'stable'?

hi, diagnosed with MAV in Mar 2012, started the diet, but didnt improve so went on to Nort (and diet) and currently on 30mg, having semi- got better at 20mg, seemed to relapse/the drug stopped working so have upped it but feel back to square one. I am tight on the diet, good sleep, evercise, minimal stress…not sure what else i can do???. Its controlling me at the mo rather than the other way round. Feel like there is always a daily reason as to why it isnt stable i.e PMT/hormones today, stomach bug, children being hard work etc - presumably the only way i might be able to deal with these every day things and having MAV is by increasing MEDS?
Would be nice to hear of people that have managed to stabilise this for a long time, and feel like they are in control.
Thanks for letting me whinge…

Hi I’d love some one to come forward to answer this for you give us all some hope.

I find myself reading the success stories over and over again when I’m really down.

I have a bad google problem and in the beg I came across a blogger of someone with mav it’s called Sur’s World today she posted about how she’s finally just got stable another success story and probably one a few of us have not read!? I thought I would share to cheer us all up :slight_smile:

Here’s the link … 8.html?m=1

I did for about a year but its back again! Do you ever really get rid of it? I dont know maybe eventually it calms down or flips back to normal migraine.

I think meds can keep you stable but cant stop every attack like hormones,illness, stress etc

Thanks for sharing that wonderful story. It gives people hope and something real to believe in.

That is an excellent story, I too meditate and swear it is the only thing sometimes that keeps me going.

Yes, some of us do get stable. If I had known 11 years ago what this condition is, when I had my first episode, I am sure I would have been able to remain stable by changing my diet, lifestyle, etc. As it is, the major symptoms of vertigo just faded over time. I still kept some, like tinnitus, ear problems, fatigue, some depth perception and other visual issues, but the rotational vertigo and the serious disequilibrium stopped gradually. Thing is, without the knowledge I have now? I didn’t know these things were all related.

Anyway I am right there with you, as are so many others. Maybe it’s time to change meds? I have tried 4, others have tried more.

Just don’t give up! :slight_smile:

This is my personal opinion
There is no crystal ball and no certainties in life but I believe if you find the right Doctor (good with MAV) you can definitely get stable
It might take time, hard work and patience, You need to find the right meds, do the diet, make the lifestyle changes and find your triggers
You need to get a hold of the anxiety and stress. After all this you will eventual get stable!!

x :smiley:

Hi stay calm - Loved ‘Sur’s world’ link - she sounds so down to earth, has wonderful descriptive accounts of how she lives with mav. It is inspirational. Have put the link on my screen to read again! And her doc is Dr Surenthiran - I wonder if any other mavers who are patients of Dr S here follow her blog? Thanks for posting this.

I loved Sur’s post too but found the white on black text incredibly difficult to handle. Did anyone else? I’m surprised that someone with migraine/vertigo would even think to use it. Or is it just me? :smiley:

I found it hard too and I don’t have too much trouble with screens etc x