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Do eye problems get better?

I started spending some hours of the day on screen and driving at night going to places and stuff but my eyes keep being in a really bad shape. I dont know if this will ever be better. To be honest I can manage pain but this thing is unbearable. Did anyone feel better as it concerns vision? I just want to tilt, turn my head fast as I did or look at fast images.

I think this may be on a lot of peoples wish list on this forum. Looking down to put slippers and shoes on send me in a spin…a magic wand would come in handy


You haven’t listed precise symptoms. What do you mean by ‘eye problems’ exactly. If you have seen an optician and have up to date prescription glasses if you need them what you are experiencing are ‘visual issues’ which are a result of the condition you were diagnosed as having, Migrainous vestibulopathy From memory. What you are experiencing would be ‘Visual Vertigo’ a symptom of the condition. Your brain is hypersensitive to certain movements, easily overstimulated. The preventatives you were prescribed should eventually control these symptoms. It can take a long time longer still if you continually wind the hypersensitivity up by not avoiding the triggers causing it. Unfortunately night time driving and computer screens are very difficult conditions for hypersensitive brains to cope with. It might seem like ‘just’ simple to us but such movements involve a lot more power and energy than’s available obviously. Helen


Agree with Helen. The visual aspect of this condition is the absolute pits. Looking in a mirror(especially beveled glass), sunlight flashes through trees when driving, reflective windows, candlelight flickering, stripe patterns, oh the list goes on! Using the computer and driving as a form of VRT is absolutely not the way to help your brain reset. Time, patience, avoidance and medication are the only answers I know of.


Hi Kon – When my symptoms were at their peak, I couldn’t read, watch TV or look at a computer screen for more than a minute or two. I didn’t drive more than a mile from my home and probably shouldn’t have done that. Since then I’ve had both vestibular and vision therapy (also drugs). I found the vestibular therapy the most helpful in minimizing my sensitivity to motion, although it was rough at the beginning. It’s still a problem but to a much lesser degree than it once was. For me there’s been no quick fix, but a very gradual improvement over months/years. And I’m still working on it. Don’t give up!


Amitriptyline fixed mine, then once I was recovered enough, I dropped that and eye was back to normal.

Keep up the fight. Find out what is causing your issue and what works for you. DON’T give up!

My fear is that I may have a true damage on brain or vestibular system somehow, you cant diagnose those easily. The eye problems are blurry vision, a bit shaking vision and overall like when you are drunk but even worse. Cant do the fast tracking movements and spot stuff irl and on pc or tv. To be honest I didnt see any progress since this all started like 7 months ago but the only “progress” is habituation which I dont think its something “wow”.

Damage from what? Very hard for any pathogen to get into the brain. And why just vestibular?

MAV is about instability, not damage. If you had stable damage you’d compensate for it within weeks.

Something is going on that is causing instability, change in response.

It could be something that was one-off (as in my case) and then just takes years to settle down.

Also in MAV, judging whether you are improving is important. I have a hunch that change is improvement but you may not notice it as ‘improvement’ initially.

Think of how things were a year ago - are you any better? If the answer is yes, then it’s likely you will be better again in 1 year too. You may just have to be incredibly patient (as we all have to be). It sucks, but that’s the way it is.

You can also keep getting additional opinions from other doctors until you find an explanation that fits and one you can settle upon. That’s what I did. That put the unknowing to bed and then I just got on with coping.

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I wrote about my fears of permanent damage in other threads. Currenlty i cant say what is making me better or if i am better at all. Everyday i feel the same dizziness without improvement and difficulty to think. I mean it it feels like I am super dump cant keep up on anything. Sorry for saying the same I am feeling really bad these couple of days.

Relapses or peaks in symptoms will happen and sometimes it requires a lot of mental strength to pull through them.

The vestibular deficit will suck your brain power like nothing else (a third of the brain concerns itself with balance, rising to 65% if you include visual processing) and if you are tipping into migraine activity and brain fog that can get even worse.

You have to focus on the next period of relief when your symptoms lessen a bit, possibly even significantly.

Dig in, you are in this for the long term and you will ultimately win!

Currently I am on beautiful place in which I have a lot of good and sad memories. Its a coast, so you can understand how this looks like. The rocks i see here are like they move cause of my vision issue cant enjoy this view. I feel nothing at all only this lightheadness, its like I cant enjoy nothing anymore or be sad and then feel fine again. I noticed this while i cried, every time I cried in the past it helped me purge a big part of my sadness and after that i felt relieved. Now everytime I cry i find a wall in front of me cant get this relief.