Do I have MAV?

I wondered if any one could clarify If my symptoms could be Mav. I first started with vertigo around 2 years ago,I woke in the night with very severe vertigo and later that day i was diagnosed with BPPV (the symptoms lasted almost three months and went away after two eplay manouvers. The doctor said that because I had banged my head at the back a couple of days ago that this could have caused the vertigo, the bang to the head did not leave me unconscious, nor did I have any bleeding, just a bruise at the base of my skull.

Since then I have suffered with vertigo attacks which are getting more frequent but not as severe as the first one. I always get the attack when turning to the right in sleeping position and lying down flat, when its at its worse I cant get out of bed or move my head. I have also suffered with a lot of headaches since I was a teenager. After my last visit to the ENT the consultant said he though I had MAV. Although I feel dizzy with the migraines I’m not sure if I have Mav.

Before I embark on a trigger avoidance diet I really appreciate some advice. The headaches can last for days which is really tiring. I sometimes have severe headaches with the vertigo, and vertigo without headaches and headaches without vertigo. My ENT consultant wants to put me on long term meds for the migraines, but I would rather find out why I get so many painful headaches and why I keep getting vertigo. Any advice is very much appreciated

Thank you, Andrea

Did you have any vertigo/headaches before banging your head?
did you see a neurologist?
Do you have migraine in your family?


Hi Kelly,
I didn’t have vertigo before I banged my head, but have had headaches since Being a teenager I’m 48 now
Not sure if the consultant was a neurologist?
I have had some vertigo test in the ear nose and throat department. Test on my eyes which we ok and they did the eplay but the vertigo was only very slight at the time. I was asked a lot of questions and the consultant said that I was probably experiencing Mav but could have Bpvv also.

Sorry Not sure if there is a family history of migraine as I don’t have contact with my family

If the dizziness isn’t 24/7 and tends to be when you move over/move your head i would say that it was BPPV. But of course it could be MAV too or even both! Have your doctors tried the Epley maneuver?