Do I have vestibular migraines?

I’ve had migraines since I was a child, I’m 43 now. In February 2019 I had my first round of vertigo. I was sent to a cardiac specialist and they ruled out any heart problems. I was on my back in bed for a month, because the dizziness was so bad. The doctor never really had an answer for me. I hadn’t experienced the vertigo for over a year despite still having migraines 3-5x a month. Until this week, on Saturday I got a migraine and started with the vertigo again. I have been down for 5 days now. I called my doctor and was told to try benadryl 50mg every 4-6 hours. I currently take 25 mg if amitriptyline nightly as well as Maxalt at the onset of a migraine. I have been researching vestibular migraines and I think this is what is going on. My doctor told me to call back in 24 hours if they vertigo does not subside, should I just mention what I’ve researched? Most times the doctor isn’t really receptive to what I think might be going on. I hate that I don’t know when the vertigo will subside or how to reduce the intensity.

Welcome to the board. We can’t diagnose here unfortunately but you may notice similarities with other members.


If your doctor isn’t a neurologist or a neuro-otologist, I’d start by making an appointment with one of those. Do a search on each of your symptoms here. Read our wikis. Maybe check out the vestibular migraine pages on the VEDA website ( Google Dr. Timothy Hain ( and check out his VM pages. Get as much knowledge as you can then be as prepared as possible when you talk to the specialist. VM is rare but not that rare. Some neurologists have many VM patients. Others have none. Shop around for as knowledgeable a specialist as you can. I personally have seen five neurologists. It’s helpful to get one who knows what you’re talking about to save you time and suffering.

As we always say, we’re sorry you’re here but glad you found us.


It could be a number of things, including BPPV (is it positional at all?) but the fact that you can get vertigo with your migraines seems potentially indicative.

Yes, I would checkout Timothy Hain’s vestibular migraine material that @flutters posted and bring it to your next doctor visit. If they remain unreceptive I would look for another doctor, preferably Neuro-otologist or Neurologist that treats migraines.

Hope you find some relief, does the Amitriptyline help? How long have you been on it? It’s one of the best for vestibular migraines and 25mg is a good dose to be on.

Oh a very familiar story. Just have a read of a bit of my personal diary.

Migraine arrived followed by vertigo. Just like it says on the tin ‘migraine associated vertigo’. BPPV doesn’t last five days.

Next line of action from my experience and I was misdiagnosed for 12 years and wouldn’t have anybody else I could save from a similar fate suffer the same would be to contact your own doctor and ask for a referral to a neuro-otologist or a neurologist to establish exactly - or as near as you can get - what you are suffering with. Looking to your age and from my experience I’d lay money it’s MAV/VM but I am not a medic. If that proves to be the case as @anders says you are already on a good choice of preventive and just need some management to engage with the full treatment package. Not sure where you are but if it’s the UK you could certainly find you will hit upon a brick wall trying to educate your doctor … Most are more than an bit huffy about such things… Consultants even more so. People in the US seem to find it works a treat. With regards to the current bout horrid as it is just hang in there. This too will pass and eventually with treatment you will get it under control. There are medications out there that will stop these dreadful onslaughts believe me. Helen

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If it worked a treat I wouldn’t be on my 5th neurologist. But I do find being informed and speaking intelligently does get their attention and causes them to take you more seriously.

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