Do symptoms fade after 1+ hours of exposure to triggers?


I work in a busy environment with a lot of visual stimuli, movement and noise. I find that as soon as I start work in the morning my symptoms skyrocket and I am completely spaced out and dizzy and pretty sure I am also having panic attacks during this time.

However, I find that the symptoms fade after 2-3 hours of being in that environment and I wont be as dizzy or spaced out. I will also be a lot calmer and feel like the pressure and heaviness in my head has lifted.

Does this mean I am perhaps just having panic attacks and not vestibular migraines? Or do you think it is a combination of both and that maybe the vestibular migraines set off a panic attack?

There’s nobody on here qualified to diagnose that I’m afraid. You’d need to approach a specialist doctor. Before you do so suggest you keep a diary note of which comes on first the panic or the sensory symptoms. That would most probably provide a clue.

Anxiety/panic attacks etc tend to co-exist with VM and for those previously without the VM tends to start them up both in specific instances and as an ongoing condition. Tends very much to go with the terrain. VM can certainly cause either.

All I can say from my own VM experience is that it’s not usual for symptoms once ignited by stimuli to fade unless you remove yourself from that stimulation. I would expect ongoing exposure to make them worsen rather than settle. Always has with me. Once removed from the offending situation then, with luck, they may well settle.