Do symptoms/relapses get worse over time?

I think probably a huge problem for me is obsessing and getting anxious, but I can’t help fear that one day I’m going to be going about my business and have a major vestibular migraine experience that knocks me on my feet for weeks or months at a time. So far I’ve been lucky in that my symptoms have been relatively mild, and when I do have an “experience” it tends to be just lots of fatigue and some nausea for several days until I sleep it off. Certain things make me dizzy, but I haven’t had any episodes of true vertigo. In people’s experiences out there, have your symptoms gotten worse over time? And for those of you who got better but then relapsed, have your relapses been worse than your original experiences?

My week has been just like that: fatigue and very mild nausea (remember though: I’m on meds)

I would like to touch wood and say the general trend is improvement.

Nearly a year ago I had a feeling fluid was squishing around in my middle ear. Don’t get that anymore.

Tinnitus has dropped in severity for sure, so has visual vertigo (like the ‘brain wobbles’ in artificial light) and negotiating the big mall near me has become less uncomfortable.

One thing I have got more recently is bed spins in morning. This is not showing signs of going away (yet!).

But, in general: improving!

Just curious James, does Ami still cause you to be nauseous? Or were you attributing the fact that you ONLY had those two symptoms to the fact that you’re on meds? I couldn’t stand a med that made me nauseous… unless the amount of nausea was substantially less than what it had been when not on the meds.

I’m curious really for the people who have been on this forum for 3+ years, but I suspect that most of them no longer lurk… Which gives me hope that they all got better and stayed better!!

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I share your hope!

I’m positive my condition is responsible for the nausea, not the Ami - if I weren’t on Ami I just know it would be 100x worse.

Have a feeling the underlying reason is pressure in the ear is putting weight on the nerves so harder for the brain to process the noisy signal leading to nausea and other symptoms. If you are hearing tinnitus, your balance nerves are probably also noisy (that’s my hypothesis).

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Hi my symptoms have got easier to manage. When they first happened about 4 years ago it was really heavy bad vertigo and I couldn’t walk. One attack per year.
Fast forward to now my symptoms are less painful but it happens different now. Still once a year but lingers for a while. It just does it’s own thing to me really. I can’t pin point triggers as I had no problems all this year up until now and not changed my lifestyle or diet this year which is strange.
But you have to learn to cope with anxiety as it makes things worse. See a coucellor as they are very good.
If you can curb the anxiety then you will learn to deal and manage your symptoms better. Think positive. Learn to work with your symptoms Goodluck

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Hi what is ami?

I take 300mg pregabalin per day which I think works but it’s not at the moment.

Amitriptyline (@20mg). Yes anxiety can definitely make it feel much worse.

What do you take to stop the symptoms? How long have you had problems and how often. ?

I get the odd vertigo attack but they are not like menieres, I don’t get a drop in hearing nor wildly increasing tinnutus. They are more BPPV like.

I’ve charted my experience here:

In my case the symptoms with each relapse are basically the same but sometimes I have a few unexpected added extras like aura, but no headache, that is a warning to me to avoid ALL triggers especially doing too much, or having too much fun. If I don’t take notice of this warning sign and rest then I will experience the very worst spinning and nausea for days. I really watch my diet and feel very nauseous for days if I slip up. Gluten and dried fruit are my main big no no’s along with msg which I gave up years ago. I think once you know your triggers, avoid too much rushing about and happy or bad stress, take your meds and acknowledge that you have to be aware of your body then you can avoid debilitating episodes. That works for me anyway. Good luck.

That seems like a plan! I have much the same probs .
It’s the vertigo that is the big problem but I also have inner ear fullness and tinnitus.

Have you had allergy testing done?

Hello chawz. Yes I had allergy testing done about 9 years ago and found I had issues with gluten, strawberries, egg whites, anything from a cow,lamb, potatoes, aubergines and msg! More or less migraine triggers with the exception of caffeine which I can’t cope with now except occasionally.

Hi thankyou. I’m going to have to book a test as I think it will defo help and open my eyes up to what is actually effecting me and then look to resolve or repair and manage the symptoms.

Blood tests on the other hand were fine the last time.


You are welcome. Good luck and I hope the tests make things clearer for you.