Doc already talking weaning?!

I had a follow up with my neurologist today since I had a crash almost 2 weeks go while I was on Nortriptyline. I had just upped my dose an thought it could have been from that but it left me almost bedbound for a couple days ad housebound the whole weekend after, so my doc decided to put me on Depakote ER 500mg. Now I do feel better than I what I was, my ear always gets full when I’m having an attack and as soon as I started Depakote that fullness went away, and I am definitely less dizzy but ofcourse still experience symptoms throughout the day. Today he said he would like me to stay on 500mg and see if I keep feeling better and take Valium as needed and he would like to see me in 6 weeks and if I’m still doing well, or Better we will start to wean down. I’m scared, and I don’t want to stop taking medicine yet especially since I know it can take years to be in remission and have a successful time coming off medicine. I know he is not versed real well in MAV but did tell me my dizziness is being caused by migraines as now know for sure since the medicine has done something… Just not enough. Should I start looking for another neuro, I’m no where near %100 but I’m terrified of being as bad as I was a couple weeks ago. I know I need to be on medications longer. I would make a phone consult with Dr. Hain but it’s pricey and not covered by insurance, I would like that to be my last resort.

That does seem early. It seems like it would be at least several months after you’ve stabilized on a med before they’d talk about weaning. You’d only be on Depakote 8 weeks, which hardly seems like enough time to judge if it’s effective.

You might want to shop around for a second opinion.

Second opinion or wait until you see him next with your results and simply tell him you’re not ready to wean off. And print off some of the literature from him to give him a little bedtime reading :!:

Thanks ladies, I made an appt. With another neurologist on Oct. 3rd. Ill be bringing a copy of my MRI and hope hes not a jerk lol I really want to find someone who knows mire about this stuff, even people who have regular migraine headacbes are on migraine prevention meds longer than a couple months :roll: