Doctor Hamalygi

Hi fellow sufferers

Saw Dr hamalygi yesterday and was given the diagnosis of MAV! So I finally have a name for this rubbish.

I found he to be quite charming and easy to talk to. He is starting me on an old style antidepressant (tricyclic) and we will see how that goes. He said it’s a lot of trial and error to find the right med. Also I asked about dietary changes and was suprised that he doesn’t think they play a major role!

I’ll update as I make my way through the medication maze.


Hi Dizzy,

I was given the same thing as you by Halmagyi but have not yet moved on to the med of his choice until I get myself clean from an SSRI. Keep us posted on how well this works for you.


Hi Scott

Are you taking the Protiaden yet? I took a course but only got up to two tablets before I ran out. I didn’t notice an improvement. I have a new script now and will progress to three tablets, two did make my mouth dry, and if no results then I’ll move onto the next thing. I’m keen to try Ami as many seem to have results with that or Proponal.

How are you going?

Hi Dizzyloopy,

Sorry for the late reply. I haven’t checked in here for ages. I never did try the Prothiaden but did try amitryptyline. I had only one dose of that stuff and it was clear it was not good for me. It reminded me of using Zoloft once which also made dizziness so much worse and pushed anxiety through the roof. I stuck with Zoloft for a week too.

Currently I’m in such a nasty relapse that it seems everything I try revs me up. I recently gave propanolol a shot too but not good. I might go back to it later. For now I am working on treating the recurrent herpes I get with these relapses. And every outbreak causes extreme dizziness. I’m hoping that by removing herpes from the equation, I might bounce back otherwise I’ll go back onto an SSRI which did clear this up completely for me before.

How are things going with you? Have you tried the med yet?


Hi dizzyloopy,

What old anti-depressant are you starting on? It isn’t Amitripline is it? have been on it for a year with very little improvement so i am bringing the dosage down to 25mg…i was as high as 100mg but had some side affects. I am surprised Dr. Hamalygi said that he believes that diet restrictions on certain foods and drinks do not play a major role. If i have chocolate, too much caffeeine, alcohol, msg…certain cheeses the symptoms definitely increase…no doubt about it! Anyway good luck on your next medication.

Hi Scott,

I know what you mean about Elavil(ampitiptyline)…but i gave it a year reaching the highest dosage of 100mg…but had side affects so now i am down to 25mg. I will be seeing another neurologist and going to request to try Verapamil.


Hi again

I’ve been on the Prothiden for about three months now. I don’t seem to be getting much relief. I must say though that I did have about three days where I didn’t feel in a fog but, alas, that has returned. Was it the Prothiden? I don’t know. I’m keen to try another med. but don’t know which to request. Any ideas where I should go from here?

I must say I haven’t had an arua, bar one, since the Prothiden but I’m still getting headaches around my period that last about a week.

How are you getting on?


Hi Dizzy and Jo,

Well, the herpes meds did nothing and really only made me feel much worse in the end. The bottom really fell out for me about 2 weeks ago now so I went back onto the SSRI (Cipramil) which has bailed me out so many times before. So far I’m not seeing any change at all which is slightly worrying.

After a good chat with Robsydney, I decided to try the modified epley procedure (MEP) last night as I do get a lot of positional vertigo although not clear cut BPPV (no nystagmus). Lying down at night is very hard, particularly on my right side. Turns out the MEP really revved things up and I had the worst night’s sleep yet in terms of waking and flying across the bed.

Sorry to hear the Prothiaden hasn’t worked well Dizzyloopy. The drug is a tricyclic antidepressant. They were commonlly used before SSRIs. Jo, definitely sounds like you should definitely get onto one of the MAV meds. I’ll be interested to hear how you find Verapamil.