Doctor jargon - aaarrrgggghhhh Lisa MD can you help?

I asked my neurotologist’s office to send to me a copy of the letter he sent to my PCP following my last visit. I’m mad because there is a lot of wrong info in there. One thing reallly stands out. Lisa/MD maybe you can tell me what the doctor means when he says this and how my PCP will interpert it.

It says “At this point she remains noncompliant with several medication trials that I have recommended . . . She would prefer to stay on the Valium with periodic meclizine as well.” What I’d like to know is what is the doctor definition of noncompliant? As I read it, it makes it sound like he is a hero and is trying his best to help me but I am disobedient and won’t do what he has prescribed; therefore it is my own darn fault that I am not better. Is this how my PCP will also read it, or do doctor’s have a different definition of noncompliant then I do? I’ve had problems with every drug I’ve tried for this.

Topomax gave me bad nausea, made my mind feel coo-coo and for the 3-4 days I was taking it I would wake up in the middle of the night coughing and wheezine.

Nortriptyline gave me the worst insomnia ever, I endured one month of 3-4 hours of sleep at night and stopped when the pharmacist said it is unlikely to get better.

Scoplamine I never even filled this prescription as everything I read about it said it is NOT for long term usage (he gave me a 6 month prescription) and it very difficult to get off of. And he even agreed that it was a poor choice.

I don’t prefer valium and I only take it when absolutely necessary, definitely not on a daily basis. I really prefer to take nothing or one of the migraine preventaives but the side effects I can’t handle. I feel so depressed that nothing has helped and now he has to make it sound like it is my fault.

Hi Book,
Yes, noncompliant basically means exactly how you interpreted it. Does your doc know the reason why you did not continue with each med? Usually the doc would write that the patient trialled medication X but due to adverse side effects could not tolerate and so forth. I would explain to your PCP the discrepancy if that is bothersome to you. The main thing is that you get well. Who cares what the docs think anyway :smiley:

Lisa, thank you very much for you input. I definitely told the neurotologist the problems I had. I had so hoped the nortriptyline would work for me and was greatly disappointed when it didn’t. And for him to not even acknowledge that really burns me up.

There are so many things in this letter that are inaccurate such as “a lengthy discussion was done with her regarding her dizziness disequilibrium.” Huh? He had me in and out in 6 minutes.

I really feel the need to defend myself to my PCP about this and plan on giving him my copy of the letter with my own mark-ups, just so he will know what’s what. vent, vent, vent. I’m starting to feel a little better now. :slight_smile:

Hi Book,
If it makes you feel any better, I am sure your PCP is not scrutinizing every line the ENT doc wrote anyway. I am sure she will read it either right before her next appt. with you or during your next appt. with you in the room, so please don’t lose any sleep over this. I do think since this is important to you, you should clarify. And yes, docs make mistakes a lot in our write-ups… but you didn’t hear that from me… :lol:

I would put my clarification in writing and ask your PCP that it be entered in your chart. At some point and time down the road that may be information that would be important. Especially if you ever changed doctors or the chart was passed on to another doctor I would want the correct information included.

Hi Book,

LOL, it’s funny when you think about it really. It makes me think of that movie Robocop where that crazy robot says, “you have 30 seconds to comply” before pumping about 50 rounds into some guy. What a nice ENT eh? I would do exactly what Lisa said and tell the next guy why you were not compliant. It’s not like you threw all of your toys out of the pram as it sounds.

Hope you get better results with the next one. I can only imagine what that ENT would say about my med trials. He would definitely write me off as non-compliant.

Scott :slight_smile:

man, too many doctors are stuckup stupid F***. I’m sorry but doctors obviously lack some type of elemental psychology in their training.

Id rather have a good doctor than a kind doctor, but far too many are neither to be honest :slight_smile:

These sides generally show up more in situations where these people don’t feel like they have control; ie they cant treat your disease and so you must not want to be well. In the ridiculously funny Danish series Riget (the kingdom), the Swedish Neurosurgeon (who really is portrayed like a horrible person) one day to his horror realises something, and consults his collegue:

“Hey Sven; have you ever thought about… we can also get sick… We… can also get sick…” I think that captures it pretty well :stuck_out_tongue:

good luck with the pcp im sure shell understand (but dont be too pushy on the subject maybe).

I think that if many of us had a chance to see our medical records we would see lots of stuff written about us like this. I got hold of mine and read a lot of similar stuff. Sarcastic comments, I dont know why they do this but they do. Also, there was loads of mixed up information, such as me having two children, I actually have one and my brother having an illness that was in fact, my dads.

I read one re referral to my neurologist which started as “I am sorry to have to refer this lady back to you, it is at her insistance” then a paragraph much like yours on the drugs I had tried and given up on and the final sentence, “if you can refer her on please do”. Disgusting really, I was angry but too ill at the time to do anything about it. I have friends who have similar stories. I think it is very commonplace. I had always been really polite at all my consultations but they still write crap about you.