Doctor Suggestion

Does anyone know of a good doctor in the Mississippi, Tennessee, or Alabama region who can treat Migraine Associated Vertigo. I’ve seen people post about seeing an oto-neurologist, but I haven’t been able to locate any close by. Any suggestions that you might have would be appreciated.


The short answer is no.

However, you might try the Shea Clinic in Memphis, and ask them for some advice. They’re one of the better ones in the country when it comes to Meniere’s, and considering the overlapping issues with Meniere’s and MAV, they could probably provide you with extra guidance.

Here is their link:

I have no direct suggestions for a doc in the Mississippi area. Personally, I went through the local university hospital and found a couple of doctors who specialized in balance and dizzy disorders. If there is a university hospital in the area, maybe they have someone who could help you.