Doctor with knowledge on Mdds and MAV somewhere in europe

I need a second opinion, on my diagnos, treatment etc. And it’s not to be found in tiny Denmark. Is there someone from ex. Germany or Sweden who can recommend someone? Or maybe UK?

Hey Line!
I haven’t been to this clinic but it sounds from their website like they know about mav and menieres.

I am impressed that they have this doctor on staff who has published and done lots of research,it looks like he is specializing more in neck and head problems now but he really seems to know all about this stuff.He is not listed under the balance clinic.His name is Prof Matti Anniko
Let me know if you go and what you think!
Take care,


Dr Thomas Lempert is in Berlin

Hey Line,
I just had a great visit with this neuro today in Stockholm,he gets it.Here is his website,

His name is Docent Joakim Tedroff.

Hope you get some help!

Tank you, both og you! I will wright them both. (I could use a getaway to Berlin with my loved ones :wink:

Hi Line,
My name is Anne, and I am from Denmark, Holstebro :). I got dizzy in 2010 and got the diagnose MAV from Hamlet also. I have since then tried different medications with a little help from my own doctor. But still dizzy :confused: I need to find a neuro, who knows something about MAV. Do you know of ANY in neuro in Denmark who will accept the diagnose MAV?

Hope you are doing better :slight_smile:

N.B. Did you go abroad? And if so - how did i go?