Does a spin mean drugs aren't working?

Hi, i’ve been doing quite well with pre gabalin going out and about even painting the bathroom, then last night a spin . My head is jarred up and dizziness back to full blown.
I 'm at the highest dosage 600 mgs. So does this mean that the drug is not working and in fact I was just in remission ?

Hi Fiona,

I think it’s still likely you will get some symptoms from time to time, even when on medication. Although there is the very occasional person they seem to totally cure, for most of the rest of us it’s about raising our threshold for getting an attack. If you take a look at studies of migraine preventative drugs in regard to the headache kind of migraine, then the drugs rarely stop them altogether, they just either decrease the amount of attacks, and/or decrease the intensity of them. I don’t see why MAV would be any different. I would say, however, that I’ve had about a 50% reduction in my migraine headaches, and that those that I get aren’t as bad, but my MAV has improved by quite a lot more (I’d consider myself about 90% ok). However, I still react to various triggers, e.g today I am doing some computer work involving counting lots of crosses on a screen and it’s making me feel quite sick and dizzy. But last year, I could barely do anything at all without being dizzy, so this is a BIG improvement! I also still feel a bit off balance the couple of days leading up to my period, even when I’ve gone the rest of the month feeling good, so my medication obviously can’t entirely overrule the effects of my hormones!

Hope you are feeling a lot better soon.

It could mean that you reacted to the fumes from the paint. Maybe the meds couldn’t keep up with that overload.

I agree in that the meds dont ‘cure’ they just ‘manage’.

I have been doing significantly better since starting the Nori. BUT my period thru me a loop for a few days but before that, I was running at about 85% - 90% most days.

But I will still ‘expect’ spins or slams that can come out of the blue. I dont know why they happen and I dont want them to happen, but I’ve accepted they will happen.

I’m even thinking about trying to get a job in the next few weeks!!! Imagine that!!!

Fiona - I’d be really interested to get a full update though on how you’ve been doing on the Lyrica.