Does anybody still go out? drink alcohol etc?

Well Im off for a night out the weekend ! Last time I went I felt like I was dying the next day but this is my best friends birthday and I really want to go! Does anybody still go to pubs/clubs and drink etc? I dont mind not going out all the time but every once in a while I need to go and be normal with my mates.

So who here can do it ?


Depends. I have to be very good with the diet before and after. I have 3 - 4 drinks maximum over a whole night. Drink a ton of water during the night and before you go to bed. If I do these things I am OK the day after.

Thanks Im planning on 4 drinks maxium and Im going to be good for two days before I go which means no junk at all ! wish me luck lol

Yea, I still go out…don’t want this to ruin my social life entirely. Smoke is a BIG problem, but thankfully a lot of places forbid it. As for drinking, make sure you eat beforehand, and then probably steer clear of beer. Vodka apparently does no harm to MAV’ers. Have fun!


Damit! I just typed you a long reply and it disappeared!! Ok, here’s what I said in short:

  1. Day before - get a little extra sleep, eat well, rest up

  2. Day of - careful with the alcohol. Drink a glass of water (or gatorade) in between each drink. Stick to one type (don’t mix - if you like beer, stick to that. Don’t then go to hard liquor). If you drink “mixed” drinks be careful - they tend to use artificial mixers in them. Ask for extra ice to water it down. Don’t drink the “hot” drink of vodka and Red Bull whatever you do!! As for the club, if likely to be loud and flashing lights, bring ear plugs. You can get some that you can wear and still hear people talking next to you. I use some when seeing bands in small clubs. The lights really bother me, so I wear sunglasses. Serious? Hell yeah! If you are in a club, you’ll just look even all the cooler!

Just pace yourself, try to relax, and enjoy your friends. Expect to have some recovery time the day or so after. I tend to get all worked up if I go out which then triggers my MAV, so you may have to factor that in. (In other words, I am fine if sitting at home drinking or just with a friend.)

Cheers, Bonnie

PS> ANd yes, I have heard that some MAVers can handle vodka - but only straight? I’d have to mix it, which I do with gatorade. I still get a nasty headache from it and drinking though. I drink beer mostly now, but one that has no preservatives - Labatts Blue. Important word no matter what: stay HYDRATED!! Also, if on any meds, be VERY careful drinking.

Thanks guys that has made me feel better about going out I drank voddy last time but still woke up poo but think it was the lights music etc not just the drink so I may buy ome ear plugs as suggested !

Party on lol cheers :smiley:

YES…I totally agree with the earplugs - I wore them one night out, and was located UNDER the speakers…no problems. Lights vary - if there is flashing lights, definitely have sunglasses. As for liquor, I really have no idea about vodka - I’ll try beer but it does make me woozy. Helps when I drink s l o w l y. Also…look for GLUTEN-FREE beer…if they have it, you’re gold!

One glass of white Zinvandel…then i’m done! If i go over that limit the MAV Symptoms will increase.


So if we can do vodka , is there anything we CAN mix it with ?
Is tonic water an option ?

I usually have it with lemonade Penny but I think tonic would be fine .

Thanks Blondie, looking forward to trying this out.


When I’m not in a bad patch I can get away with gin and tonic or vodka. I definitely can’t drink beer any more and wine is bad news. If I was really feeling well I might have a glass of white but I’d be drinking a ton of water as a chaser to avoid any dehydration – even a miniscule amount of water loss and a migraine brain screams murder.


Thanks Scott ive always had bad hangovers so I know I will prob be more than worse for wear sunday after only a few drinks but Im more cautious this time around I couldnt drink in a really bad patch I wouldnt even go there! I hate wine and beer aswell so that doesnt bother me at all.

Blondie, try and drink a big glass of water between drinks. According to Carolyn Bernstein, author of The Migraine Brain, this can help to avoid a bad next day.


Hey Blondie - so how did it go?? :slight_smile:

It’s ironic to me to read the expected, understandable answers to questions about drinking/partying. I never had any interest in white liquor; I drank primarily for the flavor and only secondarily for the effect. So I’m happier (for a given value of “happy”) now having a single sip from my sweetie’s glass of wine or ale than I would be ordering a bloody mary. We went to a favorite brewpub many months back, and while my wife and my best bud each ordered a pint, I ordered a sampler–with an extra glass to serve as a spittoon. I can understand that this might be aesthetically unacceptable to many, but it worked for me/us. I feel lucky that the high isn’t particularly important to me.

OTOH, my inbox contained a notice from a group I belong to, DC Science Writers Assoc, inviting folks to a happy hour at a bar. I thought to myself, “Now what the hell would I eat and nibble?” And there are answers; but I do find it a bit discouraging. The local branch of Sons of the Desert (Laurel & Hardy fans) shows movies now and again, in a member’s basement; a send-out-for-a-communal-pizza arrangement. Once again. . . but you know, I have a friend or two with diabetes, and they’ve handled these sort of issues for years or decades.

The night went ok thank for asking , the noise triggered a spin though but all in all I managed and didnt suffer to bad afterward either and I had a laugh too :slight_smile: . I push myself wherever I can but will leave a bit again now I think but I will go out again future just not a nightclub for a bit I didnt drink much just a few.
David like your theory but I do like to drink to feel the effect too :lol: