Does anyone get their vision moving with them?

when i’ve been doing something strenuous, such as squats which i try to do every night as a form of physio… the whole floor turns to jelly, and each step i take i feel like the floor is rocking, i then also get heightened visual movement with every move i make, so if i was to bend down while looking at the mantlepiece, it looks like the mantelpiece is moving down at an angle with me? And i feel like the whole world moves with every moment…? DOES ANYONE GET THIS?


no one? That worries me! Sometimes i’m really not sure if i’m on the right track. booooo!

im not sure if your question is related to my experience but i will let u make your own judgement. i was sitting on the toilet doing my business and looking at the floor at my feet perhaps at v wierd angle. i started to notice my feet were position at a 45 degree angle as if the floor had moved. it freaked me out. so i got up carefully only to find the floor was stable and nothing had changed. inititially i thought oh no another migraine visual illusion but now i just attribute it to the funny head position. we migraineurs tend to think outside the box sometimes when things r actually nornal. not saying ur case is similar to mine. but take my story as a sharing experience if didnt help u. i just wanted to comment sunce no one ekse did

Hey WTC. I get the feeling that the floor rocks with every step. Defo. I have that to varying degrees of severity 24/7. I don’t get the visual thing u describe but I do have gaze instability whereby if I look at something in the distance it flickers and moves slightly. Xx

Hey Lizzie, did you try the Gabapentin in the end? How is it going? xx

thanks guys x

Hey! No I didn’t as I discovered it suppresses the immune system…so thought it wouldn’t be a good idea with my Lyme diagnosis. I called dr s to ask for something else but he just said to take it anyway! Lol!!! Not brilliantly helpful. I am getting v v slowly better tho. I’ve had a few nearly dizzy free days so I’m happy at the mo…I went to a Lyme conference last weekend…was v v interesting. A consultant who’s husband got neurological Lyme gave a talk…anyway I hope the propranolol is helping?? Xxxx