Does anyone go through MAV "cycles" throughout the year?

Hi everyone. I am wondering if anyone goes through cycles where they are NOTICEABLY better at certain months out of the year, and then, like clockwork, are either back to square one or have a return of all the old symptoms during other times of the year?? Thanks. No need to respond if you do not fit this pattern. Anyone who doesn’t respond will be assumed to have 24/7 symptoms and no pattern to times of year or yearly relapses at around the same time. Thanks guys!


I seem to get worse during season changes and at times of high pollen counts. I have only had the migraine diagnosis for a year, but I noticed a pattern of previous vertigo and ear fullness bouts (thought to be BPPV at the time) over the past 7 years during the months of August (allergies), November (dramatic weather changes), and March (allergies and/or weather changes).

There are many of us here that fit the cycle pattern. Several people are worse in the summer. Myself it is the winter.

The common thought here is that it may be caused by allergies, indoor for winter, and outdoor for summer. There is also the thought for the winter people, it could be worse because of a deficiency of vitamin D caused by a lack of sunlight.

My migraines definitely “cycle”, but I’ve never had “seasonal triggers”.


I definitely go through cycles with my dizziness. I was 19 when it first came on and went fro April til September. Again when I was 21 and went from January til about March. Now I am 22 and it has been back since November. The months where I am not in a cycle of dizziness symptoms are almost 100 percent gone. I will have an occasional day where I feel off. I am hoping for the good months now! Any thoughts?

Thanks very much for the response everyone. For those of you with the “cycling” symptoms, would you say that your symptoms are NOTICEABLY “life changing” worse during those season changes or just a bit higher during that season? I am going through a bit of an uplifting in symptoms right now, nothing I can’t handle, but it’s noticeable, and I am wondering if it’s something I did the other day that set me off, or if it is just this time of year because I started to get worse around the same time last year. However, in considering that, i had no allergy symptoms last year when I started to spiral out of control, and I have no allergy symptoms right now. And for those of you who may not know, my initial “crash” was in January. thinking it was vitamin D, I normalized the level, and it has helped a lot, but it hasn’t stopped this latest slight set-back. I’m probably at about 80% right now which is not the end of the world for me, and it definitely manageable, it’s just annoying. I know to take it easy when these things happen, and I’ll recover. But if I am having some sort of “seasonal” increase in symptoms I am not aware of, I may not get well until a certain time of the year. But if that were the case, and if it were related to allergies, couldn’t I at LEAST expect some increase in allergy symptoms as well? I think that would at least be common sense as if my migraine were to increase as a result of an allergic response, I would expect that I would have typical allergic responses as well, or at least an upheve in them. But I’m not, which is making me think I was triggered by a piano performance I did a few days ago. I did the EXACT same piano performance last year at the exact same time of year, so it is clouding my judgement as deciding weather it is a “seasonal” thing, or simply a “trigger” event from the piano playing. I quit the job because I don’t want to continue getting triggered. Last year, I pushed through 2 straight weeks of this, and I think that this ultimately trashed me and was the start of the events that led to my extreme worsening of symptoms and the visual “overload” that eventually became apart of the picture. I didn’t have visual overload in January and February when I first crashed but when I didn’t get better, and when the piano performances trashed me, I just spiraled out of control which makes me think I simply stressd myself into getting worse while also stacking one trigger ontop of another trigger in a row from the piano, which took many months to unload. so perhaps there is no “seasonal” problem for me afterall, but I DO have AWEFUL allergies to pollen. But the thing is, I was actually quite improved by the time the summer came, and that is when the pollen was at its worst, so I can’t imagine that allergies had a play. Any thoughts from anyone now that I laid out these cards? the more i think about it, the more I think the piano and stress were simply the main triggers that sent me in the stratosphere with this thing last year. Plus I was not medicated so I had nothing to lessen the load quickly. Now with topamax, I dump the migraine load a little faster I think. As long as I don’t continue “stacking” my triggers, if I trigger myself, I am usually back to baseline in a couple days. Not the end of the world but it is what it is. Thanks again and if anyone has any additional thoughts, I am always interested. Id really hate to think there was a seasonal component that I couldn’t control, but I am doubting that at this point because i am not having a single solitary allergic response to anything. When my allergies come, MAN do I know it because I can’t stop sneezing for 2 seconds. Thanks again


Yes I have ups and downs and things like weather, sleep, anxiety trigger my symptoms while relaxation or biofeedback, chiropracter relieves symptoms… I was at one point 3 years 100% for 8 months on medication. We weened off the Zoloft and 6 months later boom. I am on the same medications Zoloft , Klonopin , Verapamil and stable but still not like I once was…Very frustrating