Does anyone have these symptoms?

Hi, I’m brand new to this forum. I was diagnosed with what we think is MAV a year ago, but the symptoms don’t always match up. 2 1/2 years ago I was in a car accident. After that I experienced pain in the back of my head, which we first thought was from the neck injury. I also was experiencing a constant vibrating light in the left corner of my right eye. I have had a retinal detachment in that eye, so at first we thought it was the retina, but the retina checked out fine. Then I had one bad vertigo attack that last only a few minutes and from then on, I felt as if I were pushed to the left. I remained tilted to the left for nearly 6 months, making it very difficult to walk without having to hold onto walls. The the other symptoms started coming. My left eye feels more comfortable shut than open and then I started to get other muscle heaviness on my left side, predominantly my left leg. It feels so heavy that I can’t walk without dragging it. The symptoms always come with my period (although, a couple months ago I had them a couple weeks prior to my period). I had a MRI to check for MS and that turned out negative (thank goodness) and after seeing every doctor in LA, we decided it was migraine or Meniere’s or both or some concoction of the two. I am on Hydrochlorothiazide and Diamox (only for the 10 days around my period), but am thinking of changing to Calan (Verapamil).
My concern is some months, I’m fine—I just have a slightly foggy feeling in my head and feel “off”. But then other months, I get a variety of the symptoms. Sometimes in succession, sometimes not. Two days ago I woke up and felt tilted and could barely walk because of the muscle weakness in my left leg, neither of which is going away and I’m taking the Diamox. However, I dont’ tolerate the Diamox well—the tingly feeling in my fingers makes it difficult for me to write on the board when I’m lecturing and the medicine makes me incredibly groggy.
Does anyone have this weird muscle weakness–it’s not shaky like I read in someone else’s post, but it’s almost as if I’m dragging around a dead limb. This symptom doesn’t seem consistent with MAV, or does it? I’d appreciate any feedback. As many of you know, it’s difficult to not get discouraged. Sometimes I feel totally fine and then it hits. I used to ballroom dance and every so often I try to get back to it, but then I get another attack. It can be so limiting and frustrating.


has anyone checked you back? Maybe your sitting on a nerve. My left arm feels somewhat like that and I guess it’s due to a disc problem in my neck. Some stretching exercises are helping some. Welcome to the board, so happy you have dizzy free time!


HI and welcome!
I can’t say I have experienced that sensation! Sorry I couldn’t be of more help.