Does anyone have what i have?

HI everyone, im new. it would be really good to hear if anyone out there has similar symptms. im 20 yrs. old and ive been suffering from this since the age of 7. been to many doctors, nearologists and noone was able to give me a clear diagnosis. when i was younger i used to get “dizzy”, nauseaous, vomit for aproximately 2 hrs. every 10 days, like clockwork. i got double vision also, i wasnt clear whether it was a warning or not but i think it always happened before i got dizzy. anyways, as i got older it tends to last from 3-6 hrs. now and its not exactly clockwork anymore. now i get it anywhere from 7-15 days. i tried everything, nothing seems to work, though, i must say, advil worked for 3 months and then stopped working. i also have this feeling that im going to get dizzy, it could last a few days before i actually become dizzy. and sometimes i get the feeling and it doesnt end up coming. if i excercise alot i could sometimes make it happen, it happens anyways whether i excersize or not but if i excercise it tends to come on earlier in the cycle. anyways i was just wonderign if anyone out there seems to have the same or similar problem as me and what do u think i have? any suggestions? thank you.


I’ve got a few ideas for you to chase up if you’re interested.

I also suffered from recurrent vomiting as a child - especially at night and it would often wake me from sleep. It would also be on a fairly regular cycle as you have described. There is a migraine variant called “Cyclic Vomiting Syndrome” that fits really well - it occurs mostly during childhood.

More info here:

People who had CVS as a kid often develop a different migraine pattern as they get older, such as I did (vertigo & dizziness etc.).

What you describe where you feel like you’re going to get dizzy could perhaps be what they call a prodrome. This is a description I found of migraine prodromal symptoms:

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The Prodrome
The prodrome (sometimes called preheadache) may be experienced hours or even days before a Migraine episode. The prodrome may be considered to be the Migraineur’s “yellow light,” a warning that a Migraine is imminent.
For the 30 to 40% of Migraineurs that experience prodrome, it can actually be very helpful because, in some cases, it gives opportunity to abort the episode. For Migraineurs who experience prodrome, it makes a solid case for keeping a Migraine diary and being aware of one’s body. Symptoms typical of the prodrome are:

* food cravings
* constipation or diarrhea
* mood changes - depression, irritability, etc.
* muscle stiffness, especially in the neck
* fatigue
* increased frequency of urination 

— End quote


hey, thanks for your input! i really appreciate it! its funny u said that, i actually was diagnosed with CVS afew yrs. ago but the hospital that took in kids for that refused to accept me because i had an upper GI done and everything was normal. in CVS kids, its more that they have somethig wrong in there stomach but as i got older i stopped throwing up anymore and sometimes i feel the need to vomit and other times i dont and just get a dizzy feeling.


I was under the impression the problem with CVS is the completely opposite - there are no abnormalities in the GI tract all. All investigations are usually completely normal. It is believed that it is a migraine variant due to substantial evidence pointing that way. So recurrent nausea and vomiting without headache.

If you have a read of the article it will explain this in detail.


"The terms CVS and abdominal migraine have often been used interchangeably because of overlap in clinical criteria. Indeed, the key criteria, except vomiting, in abdominal migraines are identical to those in CVS: recurrent, stereotypical, and severe episodes of abdominal pain; punctuating well periods; autonomic symptoms (eg, pallor, lethargy); and a family history of migraine headaches. Because 80% of children with CVS have abdominal pain, and 50% of those with abdominal pain vomit, many children can be diagnosed with either CVS or abdominal migraine. When both symptoms occur, the authors use the predominant or most consistent symptom as the primary label. "

thanks. i read the article, it was very enlightening. but, i must say that i dont have abdominal pain, and whats weird is that i have no family history of migraines. i also get double vision before an episode and that doesnt seem to be a CVS like symptom. also i get this feeling, “Podrome”, u called it, a few days before i get dizzy or nauseouse and it persists until i actually get dizzy. i dunno, is it possible that it could be migraine associated vertigo? even if i have no family history of migraines and dont get headaches? id love to hear of any suggestions u guys have, thanks!