Does anyone here get headaches?

Hi everyone, was just wondering if there are others here who get headaches? It seems like most just suffer from the dizzies. I have a long history of headaches, and family history of migraine but when the dizzies hit me I was actually going through a headache free period and was actually headache free most of my pregnancy. However I’m almost 4 months into this and I have been getting headaches a lot of the time along with the dizzies, but not always. I woke up with a headache today and my ear is full, so I know it’s a migraine acting up, but I’m curious if anyone else has gotten regular headaches with this? As if the dizzies aren’t enough!

Oh yes, I do! I have a long history of headaches/migraines, back to age 10 as far as I can remember. I also had a nice break from migraines while I was pregnant, but the dizziness joined the migraine fun two months after my second/last baby was born. I’m also getting another break from headaches since being on Topamax as well, which is nice.

I do get ear fullness on the right side and I can hear my heartbeat in my left ear now when I’m experiencing migraine activity. So strange how it morphs over time.

I definitely get both !! Weird that we get headaches with and without pain, huh? I generally always have a feeling of disequilibrium which I’m told is a vestibular migraine…the icing on the cake is when the pain comes…not! :oops:

Hi Rebecca,

Nearly every day for me but not severe (usually). 8)

I think in my total migraine history i’ve had one major headache about 25 years ago and since then very minor headaches to equal about 5…so…headaches are not my main symptom. My main symptoms are like woozy head, nausea, forgetfulness, some tingling in my scalp, some twitching.


I never had a headache in my life…then about 4 months into MAV I started getting headaches every single day. Right behind my eyes…tender to touch and just painful. AFter about 4-5 days on Amitriptyline, they went away. Since then I didn’t stay on the AMi, but headaches never came back. If I had to guess I’d say it was a serotonin issue, and taking my meds kept my sero levels up.

I didn’t have too many when all of this started, but in the past year they have ramped up to where I now get a moderate headache almost every day (I do have a very stressful job and it is taking its toll on me).

Hi…I have a constant headache. Some days it’s just barely there but most days WOW! This is along with the dizzies and full head feeling. Sucks!!! Take care, Karen

I thought I got “sinus” headaches (Mom thought she did too) until I found out I’ve been a migraineur all along. Just because they didn’t make me go to bed in fetal postion or make me go home from work, I assumed they couldn’t be migraine headaches. Neurologist straightened me out on that idea. The nasal congestion and frontal part of the headache was what had me confused - apparently a lot of people make the same mistake.

I have a mild headache every day. Sometimes I get the full blown migraine (usually at the back of the head) thats when I often get a full blown vertigo attack just before it or after it. Then I find if I am very dizzy I dont have the head pain.


I have experienced a wide range of headaches that included a dull throb only, ones with sinus & facial pain so severe that teeth ached and eyes felt like they were being squeezed out of their sockets, ones that felt like my head was in a vise and I’d vomit. I haven’t had as many since I’ve been dizzy, but today it’s throbbing pain on my left side (eye & sinus). Oh well, at least it’s nothing new… :roll:

Wow, so I’m not the only one, I also thought I was getting a sinus infection or something just right before my recent crash a couple weeks ago, my face hurt, and I had a lot of pressure with a headache, never had that. Then the next day I had vertigo and knew it was migraine. The Depakote broke it eventually but those two days were hell. Right now I have a pounding head but we just got together at a big pizza place for my sons birthday and so much yelling and action going on, my head wants to blow up :frowning:

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I also thought I was getting a sinus infection or something just right before my recent crash a couple weeks ago, my face hurt, and I had a lot of pressure with a headache, never had that. Then the next day I had vertigo and knew it was migraine.

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For me, I get the vertigo (can’t get out of bed type) followed by what I’ve always called ‘the sinus headache’ - nothing like the right sided, throbbing, nauseasting headches I used to get but horrible face pain, around my eye sockets especially, which swell up as if I’ve been punched. Then when that dies down I have a week or so of real unsteadiness and having to walk like a robot in order not to sway and fall about.

I also have a permanent headache which varies in intensity but I always have a heavy head, can’t remember what it’s like not to. And in between all that above I have all sorts of odd and weird head experiences - all of which I suppose would come under the category of headaches.


Old routine my husband and I do:

“My face hurts.”

“Oh yeah? It’s killing me.”


I used to get cheek bone and tooth pain with the headaches too - I have to say Topamax has really helped in that regard.